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Liberty Hyperpigmentation Skincare Reset Kit

How to Decipher Your Skin Type

Learn how to identify your skin type and complexion mood before finding the new Liberty Skincare Reset Kit that's right for you
By: Verity Clark

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How to Decipher Your Skin Type

How to Decipher Your Skin Type

Learn how to identify your skin type and complexion mood before finding the new Liberty Skincare Reset Kit that's right for you

By: Verity Clark

It pays to know the answer to this time-old question: what is my skin type? Why? Because skincare isn’t one size fits all. Use a formula suited to another skin type, and it will, at best, do nothing and, at worst, cause potential problems down the line. First identifying your skin type, as well as any skin conditions, concerns and even moods, is the key to unlocking the skin of your dreams. In honour of the launch of our brand new Skincare Reset Kits, ready-made routines suited to your skin goals at a fraction of the cost, Liberty shows you how...

What Is My Skin Type?

As a general rule, your skin type is determined by the level of oil your skin naturally produces, and there are four main skin types; oily, dry, combination and normal. Whittling it down further, any one of these skin types can become sensitive, acne-prone, dehydrated or develop hyperpigmentation.

While your skin type is primarily based on genetics, external factors such as medication, hormonal changes and the climate can sometimes have an effect, too. It’s also worth noting that your skin type can change overtime; you may have very oily skin as a teenager but as you age, and experience different life stages, you may notice your skin shifts over to the dry side.

Happily, there is a quick and easy test to identify your primary skin type. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat it dry and leave for 30 minutes without applying any skincare. Step away from the moisturiser, put down the serum and don’t even think about touching that mist. After half an hour, you can assess how your skin looks and feels to help you figure out your skin type. Let Liberty be your guide…


You Have Oily Skin

The shiny areas may be more prominent across your T-zone but a key indication that you fall into camp oily is if other areas of your face also have a distinct sheen and if your pores appear particularly visible.


You Have Dry Skin

If your skin feels tight or uncomfortable without skincare, this is a telltale sign that you have dry skin which lacks lipids, and can look dull and appear flaky in areas. It’s not to be confused with dehydrated skin, which is when skin lacks water. Push your cheek upwards using your fingertip. If you see fine horizontal lines then it’s likely that your skin is dehydrated.


You Have Combination Skin

Typically, the nose and forehead (aka the T-zone) tend to be oily while the cheeks and mouth area are either balanced or dry.


You Have Balanced Skin

The goldilocks of skin types, balanced, or ‘normal’ skin is not too dry and not too oily. Generally it’s less prone to breakouts and sensitivity than other skin types, too.

What Is My Complexion Mood?

Once you’ve identified your main skin type, next it’s time to identify the ‘mood’ of your skin, or in other words, the more temporary conditions and concerns you currently want to tackle. And that's where the fun starts. With this information, you can find the dream routine to bring it back into balance courtesy of our all-new Skincare Reset Kits. Which of these skin personalities resonates with you?

Mood: Easily Irritated

Your skin is in a perpetual bad mood. One wrong move – or one overly active formula – and your complexion becomes sore and blotchy, taking a long while to settle back down.

The Solution: Go easy on your vulnerable skin with The Sensitive Kit, £50. It contains soothing formulas such as Kate Somerville's Delik8 Recovery Cream and REN Clean Skincare's Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk to help settle even the most aggravated of complexions.

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Mood: Overreactive

You’re not sure what, but something’s up with your skin, leaving it feeling a little off-kilter. And this lack of balance has manifested into blemishes that are either sparse but recurrent, or and constant.

The Solution: Blemishes, be gone with The Breakout Kit, £55. It contains hero products including Paula's Choice Clear Cleanser and Zelens PHA+ Resurfacing Essence to help temper spots and blackheads, leaving skin clear and content

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Mood: Off Balance

The result of perhaps spending a little too long in the sun, your skin isn’t as even as it once was. You notice patches appearing in areas like the tops of your cheeks, or across the forehead.

The Solution: You need brightening formulas that'll leave you with a more even complexion, so drop The Hyperpigmentation Kit, £55 in your basket. It comes powered by cult formulas like Sunday Riley's C.E.O Glow Face Oil to brighten and Ultra Violette's Clean Screen SPF 30 to protect.

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