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Selection of Kiehls Skincare Products

Inside the Collection: Kiehl's

We offer an education on Kiehl’s, breaking down the beloved brand’s extensive skin care library into bite-sized chunks
By: Sarah Dancer

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By: Sarah Dancer
Inside the Collection


We offer an education on Kiehl’s, breaking down the beloved brand’s extensive skin care library into bite-sized chunks

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Given its status as a household name, it’s easy to forget that Kiehl’s was once a lone apothecary store situated on the corner of Manhattan’s 13th Street and Third Avenue. In 1894, it was where founding pharmacist John Kiehl dispensed herbs, teas, tinctures, honeys and, eventually, the brand’s own Original Musk Oil. Today, Kiehl’s is a world-renowned skin care brand on which thousands rely upon daily, combining its history of herbalism with advanced modern science for solutions so effective, they remain favourites for a lifetime. So, we’re breaking down 170 years of skin care, calling out the brand’s key ranges, to make it easy for you to navigate your needs.


Pure, unadulterated hydration

Ultra Facial is the first building block in any trusty regime, welcoming skin care users of every ilk. The range’s signature moisture-retaining ingredient blend champions plant extracts that are expert at withstanding extreme weather conditions, to lock in hydration for 24 hours. The original Ultra Facial Cream was even tried and tested by climbers summitting Mount Everest in 1988 – the event which inspired the full range of daily hydration formulas to suit every skin type.

THE STAR: Ultra Facial Cream

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Botanical beauty sleep

Employ a Midnight Recovery skin care routine before bed, and you’ll wake the next morning thinking you’re still dreaming. A practical precursor to a peaceful (and quietly productive) night’s sleep, gentle botanical oils boost youth with luscious hydration, while aromatic essential oils like lavender and evening primrose prepare the senses for sleep.

THE STAR: Midnight Recovery Concentrate

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Soothing sensitive skin solutions

If your skin is feeling off-balance, Calendula is the key. The collection’s leading toner has been a normal-to-oily skin favourite since the ‘60s, employing medicinal plants and infused flower petals to do the job slowly, gently, and with a soothing sensation. Free from ingredients that cause irritation yet rich in traditional healing herbs, the Calendula range is apothecary at its finest.

THE STAR: Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner

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Energising staples for men

Due to shaving and naturally higher sebum production, men’s skin is often thicker and oilier than women’s – yet specialised solutions in skin care are few and far between. Facial Fuel is specifically formulated to target the most common men’s skin concerns, packing energising caffeine and replenishing vitamins into a straightforward range of daily essentials – making the mind-boggling exercise of finding the right products easier than ever.

THE STAR: Facial Fuel Energising Moisture Treatment for Men

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Deep cleansing and detoxifying

Oily skin types, submit to the deep cleanse. Branded the best at lifting out impurities and shrinking the appearance of pores, the original Rare Earth detoxifying mask gets its magic from Amazonian white clay sourced from the mouth of the Amazon River. Its unrivalled skill for purifying, soothing and brightening inspired an offshoot cleanser, for those with particularly congestion-prone skin to reap its benefits daily.

THE STAR: Rare Earth Deep Cleansing Masque

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Multitasking anti-ageing

This high-performance serum-cream combo overcomes the ever-complex obstacle of skin ageing by delivering multiple benefits. Targeting seven key signs of ageing at once – including fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity – advanced science works with natural youth-boosters for a clinically proven smoothing effect and unrivalled radiance.

THE STAR: Super Multi-Corrective Cream

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Oil and acne busters

Easy to imagine taking pride of place in the store’s apothecary cabinet, the original Blue Herbal Lotion was created in 1964, and went on to attract an impressive clientele – rumour has it that even Andy Warhol was a fan. The intensely soothing astringent formula is an ideal post-shave solution, and a force against excess sebum – it later gave way to a selection of accompanying acne treatments.

THE STAR: Blue Herbal Lotion

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Body care for silky skin

Famed for its deliciously spa-like vanilla-almond aroma, Creme de Corps’ luxurious, enveloping effect is what has kept it a body care favourite since the ‘80s. The collection’s signature softening and soothing plant oils infuse a range of body and bath essentials to keep your ritual sweetly scented.

THE STAR: Creme de Corps

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