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Marta Contrereas Simó of MyLovelyViews

Inspired by LBTY: Adelphi Sun by Marta Contreras Simó

A passion for Liberty, a reverence for nature and an innovative use of AI helped craft our latest Liberty LBTY. Fragrance inspired artwork
By: Harriet Brown

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By: Harriet Brown
Inspired by LBTY: Adelphi Sun by Marta Contreras Simó

Inspired by LBTY: Adelphi Sun by Marta Contreras Simó

A passion for Liberty, a reverence for nature and an innovative use of AI helped craft our latest Liberty LBTY. Fragrance inspired artwork

By: Harriet Brown

A deep-rooted passion for artistic expression lies at the heart of Liberty, from the Tudor foundations of our store upwards and outwards. The exquisite world of Liberty’s LBTY. Fragrance is no exception, guided by a passion for creativity and collaboration, celebrating history and heritage with an eye to the future.

And what better way to explore the intricacies of the Liberty LBTY. Fragrance collection than by continuing our close collaboration with the creative world? This year, we’re tasking a series of contemporary creatives with reimagining each Liberty LBTY. Fragrance through their unique artistic media as part of our Inspired by LBTY. series.

Based in the creative hub of Barcelona, Marta Contreras Simó is an artist with a difference. A passionate photographer since childhood, she began experimenting with an unexpected medium to bring her imagination to life: using AI to develop unique, ethereal and captivating imagery.

For the latest instalment of Inspired by LBTY, Marta turned her imagination to Liberty LBTY. Fragrance's Adelphi Sun, £225 for 100ml, reimagining the scent through her unique artistic medium.

Under the guise of MyLovelyViews, Marta’s creations have gained her a fast following in the fashion world, and her work has featured in exhibitions across the globe, as well as in magazines including Vogue and Iconic Artist. Describing herself as fascinated by “strange beauty” her work blurs the lines between fashion, art and tech.

Liberty spent a day with Marta in Barcelona to discover more about her unique methodology and how she brought LBTY Fragrance’s Adelphi Sun to life…


Adelphi Sun by Marta Contreras Simó

Tell us about the process behind this artwork – how did you bring the scent to life?
First of all, I wrote my ideas in my Liberty notebook. What I want to show in the artwork, how I would represent this, how I want the viewer to feel when they see it. I also considered what is going to be in the scene, what they are going to wear... And after that, I start with my magic..

Can you talk us through your creation? What is the meaning behind the elements of the artwork?
I used one of my own photos and AI, Gigapixel and Photoshop for the creation. The elements of the artwork represent the bravery, strength and power of LBTY. Fragrance's Adelphi Sun. The woman is in the middle of this extraordinary and lush imagery, surrounded by a verdant and idyllic glasshouse, while bathed in the sunlight.

I wanted to create something as adventurous as [...] Arthur Lasenby Liberty, and bursting with botanical lushness

Marta Contreras Simó

Where do you find your inspiration?
For the creation of the image, I was inspired by the romantic essence that is common to all Liberty prints.

I wanted to create something as adventurous as the founder, Arthur Lasenby Liberty, and something bursting with botanical lushness, like the Adelphi Voyage print and the fragrance created by Hamid Merati-Kashami. I did this by using the same ingredients in my creation as he did.

What drew you to working with AI as an artistic medium?
I used to work in retail and was always involved in the Fashion Industry. When I had my boy, Tommy, I didn’t have enough time to keep doing this, so I start to take lots of photographs: one of my biggest hobbies since I was a child. I started with street style photography focused on architecture, as I never had the bravery to to take portraits of people.

Working with AI give me the opportunity to recreate some of ideas I have in my mind and it’s a fantastic tool for people who, like me, don’t always have the resources to achieve what they want to show in their creations.

Liberty LBTY. Fragrance Adelphi Sun is verdant, lush and botanical with notes of grapefruit, cardamon and jasmine

What’s one thing about AI artwork or creators that you wish more people knew?
Working with AI it’s not as easy as it seems. Everything must start with an idea, so it’s necessary to have a creative mind to achieve what you want. After that, it requires lots of testing and postproduction work.

You describe yourself as being in love with “strange beauty” – what does this mean to you and how is it captured in your artwork?
When I was younger, I used to sit in the streets for hours just to watch what people were wearing or how they were acting. It was truly an inspiration for me and nowadays, with my work, I want to show all the ideas I have in my mind with my strange and aesthetic style.

That’s how I define my work, Strange Beauty, and I hope that everyone can feel this in my images: my inner personality.

When I wear Adelphi Sun, I feel free, fresh and powerful.

Marta Contreras Simó

What does it mean to you to be working with Liberty?
It’s a dream for me to be part of this collaboration with Liberty. I have known the brand since I was a child: my parents are designers and they used the Liberty fabrics for their creations. I love Liberty, I used to live in London and even now when I return it is one of the places I always visit: it’s amazingly gorgeous.

How did you find the experience – how was it different to projects you have worked on before?
This has been a super exciting experience, where Liberty gave me the freedom to create whatever I feel, and I can’t believe that’s happening. I am blessed and super happy!

How does this fragrance make you feel?
When I wear LBTY. Fragrance's Adelphi Sun, I feel free, fresh and powerful... I think that all my life I have been waiting for this fragrance to be created: it’s just perfect! Love at first smell.

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