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Makeup artist Cher Webb

Cher Webb's Favourite Concealer

Expert makeup artist Cher Webb has tried everything but when it comes to concealers, this is the formula she loves.
By: Cher Webb

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Cher Webb’s Favourite Concealer
I've Tried Everything

Cher Webb’s Favourite Concealer

Expert makeup artist Cher Webb has tried everything but when it comes to concealers, this is the formula she loves

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By: Cher Webb

I’ve tried practically every concealer but I’ve found this amazing one as well as some others that I couldn’t do without. Let me explain...

The best concealer will be your secret weapon when it comes to brightening, blurring and smoothing out a complexion and are often a holy grail product of your makeup bag. The power of a good, trusted concealer to colour-correct and smooth out uneven texture is unparalleled. Concealers are also often used as a base instead of foundation and are a perfect choice for less makeup days and for anyone looking to achieve that ‘real skin’ look as they provide a tailored amount of coverage. Makeup artists love a good concealer and tend to use it strategically and never end up needing a foundation. Just concealer worn on its own is perfect for the summer months, too, and makes application a breeze, cutting time and effort.

My advice is find one that works for you and your requirements and always select the correct shade: this is crucial! When selecting a shade for the under-eye I always suggest going for a shade lighter than your skin tone, but this can be too light for blemishes, leaving a halo around the area if not blended correctly.

Application is also key. It’s all about making the concealer look as though it was never applied, that’s why the right shade is vital, especially for the delicate skin around under eye which can be a huge giveaway. And if used in the correct way, concealers can create an instant lift by manipulating and sculpting areas of the face.

To instantly brighten and lift under the eye, this universal technique works on every eye shape. First, add a small amount of the concealer to the inner part of the eye, middle and a touch on the outer corner. If using your fingertips, always tap the product in with your ring finger as it’s the most delicate, or use a small brush or beauty sponge. Dual ended brushes are always practical; Rose Inc Number 4 Dual Ended Concealer Brush, £24.50 has a flat end and a fluffy end for the perfect professional finish.

With so many concealers available, these are the ones I love most...

Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer, £32

You’ll always find one of these rolling around my handbag. The applicator is like a flexible flat doe foot with a long handle which makes application precise and non-messy. It’s particularly amazing under the eye for brightening as it feels hydrating but provides a good amount of coverage to lift and blur the area, and it provides 16 hours of crease-proof long-wear. All vegan and cruelty free. It’s also waterproof and available in a handy travel size.

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Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Éclat Eye Concealer, £78

Powered by plant extracts, this hybrid formula contains a unique blend of skincare and coverage combined. It contains a cocktail of key ingredients including caffeine to instantly stimulate and awaken the eye and a hydrating tint to blur out dark circles. It’s an amazing all-in-one product and I love a metal tip for application as it instantly soothes and cools the eye area while also targeting puffiness.

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Bobbi Brown Skin Concealer Stick, £26

I love a stick applicator and this one is a particular favourite as it feels traditional but with a modern finish. It’s always so easy to use for quick makeup applications on-the-go. The creamy emollient-based texture delivers a customisable coverage which melts into the skin and brightens and diminishes dark circles, redness, imperfections and discolouration. It’s an all-round amazing product that works on all areas of the face with 12 hours of long-wear.

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Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Concealer, £40

This iconic formula is focused on lifting and brightening the under eye and it can transform the area in seconds. It’s a multitasking must-have if you want to make your eyes look more awake with an instantly smooth finish as this formula also diminishes and blurs fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

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