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Astier Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance: The Art of Layering

Your guide to pairing home fragrance for an instant shift in mood
By: Kate Przybyla

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By: Kate Przybyla
The Art of Layering
Home Scenting

The Art of Layering

Your guide to pairing home fragrance for an instant shift in mood

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You’ve probably heard of perfume layering when it comes to personal scent, but the same approach could bring a unique energy to your home too. Candle or incense, mist or diffuser, the merits of every home fragrance are different, making doubling up your mood-shifting shortcut. Here’s how to strike just the right balance…

Frédéric Malle

Un Gardenia La Nuit Perfume Gun + Saint des Saints Candle

In a kitschy spray gun format, Frédéric Malle’s Un Gardenia la Nuit fragrance gives you the essence of summer evenings on cue. Let it linger in the air while burning a Saint des Saints candle to round out the milky sun-heated floral with the warmth of patchouli and sandalwood.

Astier de Villatte

Tucson Candle + Aoyama Incense

Find an unlikely meeting of worlds in the refined aromatic woods of Astier de Villatte’s Aoyama and the sun-parched landscape of Tucson. Light up incense and candle together to intensify the smoky patchouli and cloves of the former, and Tucson’s wafts of balmy rosemary and desert rose.


Gingembre Hourglass Diffuser + Verveine Room Spray

A warm and spicy continuous fragrance with big mantelpiece appeal, Diptyque’s Gingembre diffuser is as decorative as it is aromatic. Add the occasional spritz of Verveine room spray for a citrus lift that will reenergise your space and cut the risk of fragrance fatigue.


Cotton Poplin Room Spray + Fleur Fantôme Candle

A crisp anytime scent that stirs the clean neutrality of freshly pressed shirting, Byredo’s Cotton Poplin room spray is all about subtlety. Add extra depth by burning a Fleur Fantôme candle alongside and let its flame diffuse a wave of florals with the brightness of sharp fruits.


Rossetti Flora Candle + Flora Diffusing Sphere

Poured into an impactful ceramic vessel, lush botanicals work in harmony with a heavier base of musk, sandalwood and tuberose in Fornasetti’s super-sized Rossetti candle. For 24/7 fragrance, the Flora diffuser offers a lighter touch - burn the candle in tandem whenever you want to up the ante.

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