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Discover The Making of The Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton Collection

The Making of The Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton Collection

It’s the fabric collection you’ve been dreaming of… But how did it come to life? Find out everything there is to know about the collaboration of the season
By: Maddi John

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The Making of The Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton Collection

The Making of The Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton Collection

It’s the fabric collection you’ve been dreaming of… But how did it come to life? Find out everything there is to know about the collaboration of the season

By: Maddi John

You may have heard by now that there’s a new collaboration taking the fabrics world by storm, but just in case you haven’t, please allow us to introduce you. Meet Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton, a collection of botanical fabrics like no other, created in honour of Bridgerton’s latest season. Expect to see regency-core, reimagined archive prints and fantastical florals within this new distinct collection – a true ode to the ethos of Bridgerton.

But how is the collection embodying the ‘Ton way? The contemporary collection captures the romance of Bridgerton’s enthralling narrative through a selection of Liberty’s archival floral prints: exquisitely reimagined on Tana Lawn™ Cotton and luxurious silks. Discover nine compelling designs, thoughtfully divided into three atmospheric chapters, Penelope's Garden, Regency Bouquet and Botanical Trellis.

Each design was meticulously hand-painted inside the Liberty Design Studio in London's Soho, before being brought to life in the Liberty Printing Mill – a family-run mill located near the banks of Lake Como, where cutting-edge technologies are used alongside age-old traditions to create the most high-impact fabric printing results.

Read on to uncover how the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection was created, and discover the inspiration behind each individual design…

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Our adventure into the collection begins with a look at Penelope’s Garden. This romantic chapter pays homage to the iconic garden settings of Bridgerton’s Regency inspiration, where dramatic botanicals create captivating backdrops for scandal, secrets and delicious romance. From kaleidoscopic bouquets tied with silk ribbons to wicker baskets abundant with freshly picked blooms, these poetic fabrics are a celebration of colour, primed to transport you to a world of decadent soirées and lavish costumery.

Assembled from an array of botanical prints unearthed in the Liberty archive, Bow Bouquet pays homage to the kaleidoscope of colours and the splendour of nature's beauty, boasting a symphony of opulent blooms. Echoing the grandeur of the Regency era, this dramatic display features roses, peonies, asters, lilac, and larkspur, forming breathtaking bouquets delicately bound together with delicate satin bows.

Designed from a series of archival silk fragments discovered in a 1920s Liberty pattern book, Garland Hampers captures the essence of damask wallpapers and upholstery fabrics traditionally printed in the 18th and 19th centuries. Its intricate floral hamper baskets, encircled by diagonal leafy wreaths and set against a subtle stripe backdrop, evoke a timeless blend of classical elegance and contemporary finesse.

Regency Trail honours Liberty's illustrious legacy of Tree of Life-style designs, drawing inspiration from a hand-painted artwork dating back to 1969. The design is characterised by trailing branches adorned with majestic peonies, chrysanthemums, carnations, blossom, and fuchsia, nestled among lush foliage. An interplay of tonal shades adds contrast, depth, and definition, enveloping the pattern in an aura of mystery and refinement.


Abundant with blooms and bursting with lavish motifs, Regency Bouquet is a playful Chapter of whimsical, yet dramatic, prints, reminiscent of a springtime garden. Inspired by the lavish costumes, formal soirées, and lively garden parties of Bridgerton, these dynamic prints feature rich colours and floral arrangements, with creative realism at their core. An assortment of detailed flowers nod to sophistication and romance, including roses, carnations, anemones, poppies, lilies, delphinium, camellias, and tulips.

From Ribbon Cascade’s finely embroidered, poetic, cascading chains, inspired by 18th century point papers from the Liberty archive, to Posy Corsage’s Victorian-inspired scatter of daisies and roses and Bouquet Parade’s exuberant display: delve into the luxurious Chapter that envisions the decadence, drama and playful nature of the ‘Ton in floral form.

Inspired by a collection of 18th-century hand-painted point papers from the Liberty Archive, this design exudes poetic allure and graceful fluidity. Nostalgic rose, poppy, and daisy bouquets peek through finely embroidered ribbons and cascading floral chains, enhanced by a palette of soft pastel hues. The design takes on an eclectic but sophisticated twist with the addition of a fine background stripe.

Created through a combination of diverse botanical influences sourced from the Liberty archive, Posy Corsage channels Victorian-era style floral patterns. Its light and airy scattered rose, pink, and daisy posies evoke freshly picked blooms, inviting you on a journey across a garden filled with newly sprung flowers.

An abundance of roses, anemones, tulips, delphinium, lilies, and camellias merge in a fabulous floral frenzy. Immersed in a vivid burst of colour and form, Bouquet Parade takes cues from timeless archival Liberty artworks, culminating in a composition of exuberant blooms.


Delve into the Liberty archive and discover the romantic details of the final Bridgerton chapter, Botanical Trellis. Characterised by intricate blooms, and refined detailed and trailing florals, these hand-painted designs evoke elegance and romance – with a selection of archival prints refreshed and revived for the modern modiste.

Taking their inspiration from Liberty’s rich archive, each creation in this Chapter is inspired by creations from the 1800s, for a true taste of the Regency fashions – revived with a fresh, contemporary eye and printed on Liberty’s Tana Lawn™ Cotton.

Regal Blossom draws inspiration from the smallest hand-painted vignettes found within the pages of a Liberty pattern book dating from the 1840s – 1860s. Reinterpreted in the Liberty Design Studio, this exquisitely delicate botanical is reminiscent of typical Regency-era printed cotton muslin fabrics. Feather-light and ethereal, its dainty flowers sway in a windswept motion, brought to life by fragile tendrils, meandering leaves, and trailing vines.

Soft, delicate, and romantic, this pretty posy design was discovered as a hand-painted fragment in an archival Liberty book dating back to c.1865. Redrawn and recoloured, Garden Blooms features a multidirectional layout of scattered flower sprigs: blossoming chrysanthemums, poppies, bluebells, daisies, and tiny rosebuds appear to drift through the air on a balmy summer’s day.

Adapted from a selection of 1860s fabrics found in an archival Liberty book, this charming pattern brims with elaborate floral motifs emphasised by intricate textures. Emulating the effect of copperplate printing widely used during the middle of the 18th century and rendered in crisp, precise outlines, its wispy sprays form loosely undulating trellises embellished with roses, berries, and pinks.


Four designs, selected from the Chapters of the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection, are reimagined in Liberty’s finest silks: elegant Belgravia Silk Satin, luxurious Monument Silk Twill and Kensington Crepe de Chine.

Developed by Liberty’s expert team of designers and crafted at the Liberty fabric mill in Italy, each decadent design is tailored to capture the refinement and sophistication of the delicate silk fabrications, with romantic colour palettes that exude a modern take on Regency glamour. Discover the richly hued jewel tones, tempting botanicals and luxurious blooms that imbue each creation with a unique story.

From Bow Bouquet, crafted from an assembly of Liberty’s archival florals to the exuberant Bouquet Carnival with its dynamic arrangement of tulips, delphiniums and camellias. Regency Trail brings a meticulous reimagining of a hand-painted 1969 print, while the delicate trailing, flowers of Regal Blossom are a 21st-century interpretation of a classical Regency print, inspired by a Liberty pattern book from the 1840s-1860s.

Step off Regent Street into the Regency world of Bridgerton, and discover the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection brought to life in the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton immersive pop-up. Plan your visit today.

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