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A selection of the best wedding perfumes for brides in 2023 at Liberty

Big Scents for Your Big Day

It’s a day to remember, so pick out a meaningful scent to remember it by. Liberty shows you how to choose the best wedding day perfume
By: Verity Clark

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Big Scents for Your Big Day

Big Scents for Your Big Day

It’s a day to remember, so pick out a meaningful scent to remember it by. Liberty shows you how to choose the best wedding day perfume

By: Verity Clark

There are a few potential strategies for picking out the best wedding perfume to wear on your big day. Some brides advocate for selecting a new fragrance to mark the occasion – a different perfume to your everyday signature scent that duly honours the uniqueness of the day. Other experts say you simply need to choose something that elevates your mood, like a modern floral perfume. You could, of course, wear a scent you’ve worn before, a particularly effective plan if you associate the smell with many happy memories; the fragrance you wore on your first date, perhaps? To help you find The One, we consulted the experts. Read on for their definitive guide to finding the best wedding perfume for you.

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Say I Do

How to Choose the Best Wedding Day Perfume

Plan ahead. Choosing the right wedding day perfume takes time, and you’ll have many more pressing things to consider in the immediate run up to the big day. “Perfume evolves differently on everyone,” says Veronique Gabai, founder of the eponymous fragrance brand. She recommends testing a fragrance by wearing it on the skin for a whole day at a time to ensure you like how it develops.

Be intuitive. “Pick a scent that resonates with you and makes you feel good,” says Susan Wai Hnin, co-founder of Gabar. In other words, don’t simply pick a fragrance just because you feel like it says (or rather, smells) romance. There’s no point plumping for a rose-based fragrance if florals aren’t your thing – you won’t feel like yourself.

Match your mood. “Pick a wedding perfume that you have positive associations with,” suggests Wai Hnin. “It’s important that it makes you feel like the most positive and radiant version of yourself.”

Consider the vibe. “Finding a scent that fits in with the overall vibe and feel of your wedding is a good place to start when scent shopping,” says Wai Hnin. “If you're having a relaxed beach wedding, consider a light fresh scent to match the breezy backdrop of your ceremony.” Likewise, if your wedding is a city-based party, the disco mood may call for something altogether sexier, so look for perfumes laced with leathery, spicy, woody notes.

Go easy. “You’re going to be in close proximity to and interacting with a lot of different people on that day,” notes Wai Hnin who suggests staying away from scents that are immediately overpowering.

Seek help. Many brands now offer services that will match you with a fragrance based on your answers to a curated selection of questions, but you can also consult one of our in-store fragrance experts for their professional guidance.

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To Have and to Hold

How to Ensure Your Wedding Scent Lasts the Entire Day

Consider the concentration. For a fragrance that smells just as incredible during the vows as it does the moment you hit the dancefloor, opt for an eau de parfum, which contain a higher concentration of fragrance oil than eau de toilettes. “Generally, they are richer in scent and longer lasting,” says Wai Hnin.

Moisturise well. “Perfume lasts longer on well hydrated skin,” explains Gabai. Once you emerge from the shower, be liberal with your body lotion, applying it generously all over your limbs, torso and neck. Once it has sunk in, it provides an anchor for scent to cling on to, making your scent linger way longer.

Apply to warm areas. “The places where your body emits more heat will naturally help diffuse the scent,” explains Wai Hnin, so focus on areas such as the inside of your wrists, the back of your ears and even the back of your knees. Strange, but effective.

Don’t forget your hair. Apply fragrance to the back of your neck and mist over your hair. “As you walk down the aisle your perfume will follow, and you will make an entrance, twice,” says Gabai.

Swerve the silk. Perfume can stain certain fabrics, including silk, so to ensure your fragrance won’t stain your precious wedding dress spray onto skin and allow to settle before getting dressed – and never spray directly onto the fabric.

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