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What Kind of Liberty Print Are You?

What Kind of Liberty Print Are You?

Are you a Liberty Purist or a Contemporary Aesthete? Indulge in a little self-discovery and find your Liberty print personality, courtesy of our latest fabric collections
By: Charlotte Olby

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What Kind of Liberty Print Are You?

What Kind of Liberty Print Are You?

Are you a Liberty Purist or a Contemporary Aesthete? Indulge in a little self-discovery and find your Liberty print personality, courtesy of our latest fabric collections

By: Charlotte Olby

You may not be surprised to learn that, here at Liberty, we’re strong believers that there is, in fact, a Liberty print out there for everyone. From our classic ditsy florals, Art Nouveau layouts or collections dedicated to the avant-garde, our historic 50,000-strong print archive has provided quite the inspiration hub for our fabric collections of old and of new. In the spirit of our founder, Arthur Lasenby Liberty, we remain unapologetically eccentric – committed to the cutting-edge of design, with an in-house design studio dedicated to distinctive prints and unmatched fabrics. So, what Liberty collection truly speaks to you? Are you a crafter dedicated to storytelling? Or perhaps you’re more of a modernist, drawn to clean lines and simple colour blocking? Either way, you’ll find something to match your #LibertyCraftClub personality, let us help you find yours.

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The Colourful Optimists

You’ll Love: Venturing Through the Rainbow with A Liberty Kaleidoscope

In the pursuit of joy, the Colourful Optimist is her own biggest fan. Embodying the heart of every hue she chooses, she embraces eccentricity and the art of clashing with limitless creativity, no matter what craft she sets her mind to. In other words: more is more – particularly when it comes to colour. As she embarks on a journey to discover the true meaning behind each and every colour, she’ll find herself drawn to A Liberty Kaleidoscope. Riotous in colour and new for Spring/Summer 2024, the Liberty Fabrics designers have championed the abundance and diversity of the cultural, natural and historical components all around us to create a collection suggestive of imaginary rainbow realms. Help her to delve further into the mood-boosting power of bold colour in a self indulgent discovery of creativity through craft.

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The Whimsical Storyteller

You’ll Love: Telling Tales with A Liberty Odyssey

Full of wonder and delight, the Whimsical Storyteller is dedicated to discovery. Her crafty endeavours are a cut above the rest. She dives headfirst without a plan nor concrete journey’s end, embarking on an adventure all of her own. You’ll find her igniting her imagination in A Liberty Odyssey, taking a sweeping tour across sea, land and heavens. Drawing from the world of ancient myth and legend, this collection takes influence from the epic tales of gods and goddesses, monsters and heroes - all of which have ignited the imaginations of artists, poets and Liberty designers for millennia. Split into four stories – Classical, Universe, Earth and Oceans – each narrative is connected by a golden thread of rich symbolism, captivating iconography and wonder.

The Liberty Purist

You’ll Love: Nurturing Nature with Summer Bloom

A passionate Liberty loyalist, this crafter loves all things floral. In fact, she’s so passionate about learning her ditsy from her daisy, she’s enrolled in the study of flower symbolism – otherwise known as floriography. Nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers – including those found within our print archive, naturally. Once she’s uncovered the true meaning behind some of our best loved florals, the Liberty Purist can truly begin to wear her heart on her sleeve. Case in point, our Summer Bloom fabrics, a collection waiting to be explored. Set inside an abundant garden filled with fluttering petals, fantastical floral and swirling foliage, these reworked archival Liberty patterns sit amongst a contemporary vivid palette to enliven our best-known in-house designs.

The Contemporary Aesthete

You’ll Love: Favouring Form with Liberty Letters

Unlike her flowery, mystical, thrill-seeking counterparts, the Contemporary Aesthete favours a more austere approach. Often found planning, plotting and replanning her Liberty Craft Club assignments, she finds comfort in a detailed how-to tutorial before taking to her sewing machine. Looking for straight lines and a good solid typeface, the more modern maker will be drawn into Liberty Letters, our new collaboration with graphic design studio, Pentagram. With sights set on developing our signature font into graphic prints, the collaboration led to a series of playful and unexpected typographic patterns. She’ll be captivated by watching the Liberty alphabet dance in an explosion of geometric patterns and letters that appear to grow and shrink across fabric in multi-colour and monochrome, vertical and horizontal, distorted and stretched optical illusions.

The Playful Avant-Garde

You’ll Love: Daring Dressing with FuturLiberty

Whether she’s at work or play, this Liberty fan follows only one rule: the unexpected. No matter if she’s coveting the latest fashion or inventing a new cocktail for games night (she loves to host) – everything she craves is at the most cutting of cutting-edge. Not afraid to mix-and-match pattern and print with wild abandon, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to her fabrics too. Celebrating the artistic movement of Futurism and Vorticism – and a century of avant-garde – teamed with renowned couturier Federico Forquet, FuturLiberty is an exploration of the bold and the beautiful. Forquet and the Liberty design team reimagined classic archive with a refreshed intensity and loud optimism, with newly-created prints featuring dense brush strokes, delicate lines and playful collage. Nothing could sound more delightfully inspiring to the Playful Avant-Garde.

The Inventive Daydreamer

You’ll Love: Escaping the Ordinary with Paradise Lands

For the one who lives with their head in the clouds, surrounded by fairytale creatures and faraway lands. She’ll never come down from her daydream, and in fact, we don’t want her to. Set on exploring mystical worlds powered by dreams and her own imagination, the Inventive Daydreamer is a crafter devoted to the strange and the divine. And that’s where Paradise Lands comes in. Featuring fifteen fantastical designs spanning across time and space, from woodlands to the depths of the ocean and even outer space - each fabric is home to a wonderful world of creatures: fire-breathing dragons, unicorns and even whale spaceships. She invites you to be young at heart and indulge in a little whimsy with Paradise Lands.

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