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Trinny Woodall, founder of Trinny London

Trinny London Has Landed

As we welcome Trinny London to Liberty’s Beauty Hall, we asked the most charismatic founder around to shine a light on the products she’s most proud of
By: Shannon Peter

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Trinny London Has Landed

Trinny London Has Landed

As we welcome Trinny London to Liberty’s Beauty Hall, we asked the most charismatic founder around to shine a light on the products she’s most proud of

By: Shannon Peter

Trinny London may be the newest addition to our Beauty Hall, but somehow, it feels like it was always meant to be there. That’s testament to how her brand vision aligns with our own beauty ethos. “The mission of Trinny London is to change how women feel about themselves, and makeup and skincare are something with which they can easily see that change,” she tells us. “It’s about making every woman feel better about herself, and we do that with our products and our entertainment.”

And entertaining founder Trinny certainly is. For the uninitiated, Trinny Woodall has amassed something of a cult following, her 1.2 million followers hanging on her every word of advice, whether that’s what to wear, or what makeup to buy. And luckily for us modern beauty consumers, she’s translated that same witty pragmatism and warm charm into a range of practical, problem-solving products already revolutionsing routines across the world.

“I wanted to offer modern beauty consumers the ability to pick up a new skincare or makeup routine, at any age, with complete ease, and with expert knowledge and support,” she adds. Waste no time in visiting her new and very shiny counter at the front of our Beauty Hall to discover its magic for yourself. And while you’re there, look out for Trinny’s favourite creations. Here, in her own words, she shares the stories behind just a handful of her top products...

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The Easiest of Eye Colours

Eye2Eye Eye Shadow, £18

I’m appalling at putting on powder eyeshadow and I wanted something that is simple, effective, slick and looks great. Eye2Eye Eye Shadow is so easy to put on and you can just use your finger. It does depend on your eye shape, but I think if you have any kind of hooded eye, it's about lifting up your eyebrow and pushing it into the brow bone. Release your eyebrow and it might shift down a little bit, but you’ll have never ‘over-applied’. The shades themselves are very carefully chosen according to your Match2Me, so you feel like an expert in two seconds – you don’t have to faff about with five different products.

The Skin-Soothing Tinted Serum

BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum, £39

We are best known for skincare-powered makeup products – they improve the look of the skin instantly with those makeup benefits, and then the high functioning, efficacious skincare actives in our formulations help to improve the skin over time as well. BFF De-Stress Tiinted Serum is exactly that, using our unique Neurophroline to reduce the visible effects of cortisol on your skin, for a less stressed appearance. I’ve always been concerned with the effects of stress on our skin. Instantly, dehydration kicks in, making skin look tired and dry. Long term, it can accelerate fine lines much quicker. But if we can hydrate the skin and reduce the visible effects of cortisol on the skin, we can prevent those signs of ageing.

The Skin Filter

Miracle Blur Lip + Line Filler, £26

This is the product where you can have instant results in blurring things that you wish you couldn’t see. It's like not wearing your glasses when you have bad eyesight – it just softens and blurs everything. When you take it out of the pot, warm it between your fingers so you feel there’s a little bit on each finger and then just press it into your skin, don’t rub it. Just press it into where you have soft lines and it will fill them in and give you a more blurred base.

The Suits-All Serum

Plump Up Peptide+ and Hyaluronic Acid Serum, £69

I think peptides are the next generation in skincare and can have an incredible effect on ageing skin. They work deeply in the skin, activating the replenishment of skin collagen and elastin. The peptides in the formula in Plump Up have the incredible ability to give it plumpness, bounce and firmness. It's a product for everyone – I love the fact it’s universal. It’s the most incredible layering product. I like to use it on its own, but I also like to mix it with our exfoliant, Tiptoe In. It has amazing clinical trial results and it’s a serum everyone can use.

The Ultimate SPF

See The Light SPF 50+ Moisturiser, £45

I’ve got to a stage in my life where I understand that whether it’s winter or summer, outside or indoors, having that SPF 50 in your routine is the most important thing you can do for skin ageing. If you don’t have very dry skin, it is an incredible moisturiser. So as the last step in your skincare routine you put it on and your skin is not only prepped and ready for makeup, it’s protected from UV rays, and you have a perfect level of balanced hydration.

Trinny London is available to shop in-store only via the new counter in the Beauty Hall on our ground floor

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