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behind the liberty window displays maximal interior design


Our Visual Concept Team reveal the story behind our eccentric window display.
By: Team Liberty

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Behind the Windows


Our Visual Concept Team reveal the story behind our eccentric window display

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By: Team Liberty

Stretching along Great Marlborough Street, the Liberty windows are famed for their innovative, all-encompassing displays. In this series, our Visual Concept Team unveils the stories behind them - from initial moodboards, to completed masterpiece.

Our Maximalist campaign is a celebration of eccentricity, inviting you to tear up the rulebook and stake your claim to eclectic layering, riotous colour and the art of clashing. In the windows, this comes to life as so-called style faux pas, twisted and turned on their head in true Liberty fashion…

Leopard spots must be forgot

“There is currently a trend for mixing animal print that runs through both fashion and homewares. We wanted to embrace and celebrate this eclecticism but add a modern twist; layering House of Hackney colour tones and patterns, and mixing traditional furniture with quirky and playful styling elements.”

Don’t be caught dead in pink and red

“Pink and red is traditionally frowned upon so we wanted to play with that idea, highlighting our interior and accessory collections and showcasing the joy of bold tones. We upholstered a quirky sofa with Liberty silk to give the space a boutique feel. We also brought in NARS makeup, the brand that proves bright colours rule.”

Denim on the double is asking for trouble

“We loved the idea of using a wallpaper that compliments double denim. Adorned with seahorses and lobsters, it places a new ornate layer next to the utilitarian Levi’s Made & Crafted denim products. Almost tribal in its styling, we wanted to push double denim in a new, chic way.”

Blue and green should never be seen

“This vignette is tied together with an elegant piece of cabinetry spray painted in the same tone as the backdrop. This is a key part of the build which ties together the bold prints and product choices -the maximal feel needed a visual pause to focus the viewer’s eye. The blue and green tones help pull the products together in a fresh and unexpected way.”

The avocado bathroom is fated to doom

“The funniest and most quintessentially British style faux pas of our window run! The avocado sink is a classic nod to Liberty’s eccentric ways. Celebrating quirky moments with elegant products elevates our celebration of maximal taste.”

Pink is for girls, just like diamonds and pearls

“A wealth of male customers search out the eccentric fashion we buy every season, so we decided to showcase this by flipping the traditional idea that ‘pink for girls’ on its head, focusing instead on the glorious colours the modern male chooses to style himself. We walls, sofas and screens with a mix of pink-tone Liberty Fabrics.”

Blue is for boys, as are techie toys

“This window is an ode to the new fashion silhouette - a women’s outfit that has quintessential references to a masculine style. Using the same crazy wallpaper as featured in the double denim window, we created strong frames to focus the eye and offered a fresh take on the spring trend of tonal textures.”

A floral clash is far too brash

“This window is a classic Liberty take on maximalism. Clashing florals and bright spring tones make the space full to the brim, yet somehow calm as we sweep into spring. The maximal layering of florals, bright yellow walls and Liberty print images all seem effortlessly right.”

To mismatch shoes and bag is simply mad!

“The most maximal items in most people’s wardrobes is their shoes and bags. In this age of free choice we wanted to throw away the matchy matchy fashion formalities and suggest you wear and dress to suit yourself and your personality.”

Choose your type: spots or stripes

“A key staple to both fashion and home, we wanted to offer a grownup take on spots and stripes. Elegant product choices and subtle wooden propping help elevate the look. We sprayed all the mannequins in the same tone as the back drops so that it is at once maximal and strangely pared back.”

Behind the Windows: Maximal
Behind the Windows: Maximal
Behind the Windows: Maximal

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