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A Buyer's Guide to the: Ultimate Jewellery Gifts

Essential tips from a Liberty jewellery buyer on how to buy fine, demi-fine and vintage jewellery that will last forever
By: Chloe Simpkins

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By: Chloe Simpkins
Ultimate Jewellery Gifts
A Buyer's Guide to the

Ultimate Jewellery Gifts

Essential tips from a Liberty jewellery buyer on how to buy fine, demi-fine and vintage jewellery that will last forever

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Discover the ultimate gift this Christmas with help from our in-house jewellery buyer, Ruby Beales. From fine jewellery to fun demi-fine designs and vintage keepsakes, this guide is packed with expert tips on how to choose a timeless treasure for a loved one, or a new staple for your own collection. Our eclectic jewellery offering has something for everyone – the perfect destination for finding those pieces that will remain in your jewellery box forever.

Fine Jewellery

“For fine jewellery, my tip for impressing this holiday season is to look for one-of-a-kind pieces or exclusives. Something just a little bit different that will have the ‘wow’ factor, like a Confetti ring from Polly Wales or a rainbow enamel necklace from Brooke Gregson.

“A personalised gift makes a thoughtful statement and is always well received. Go for something a little more unusual with Liberty’s Celestial collection of Horoscope pendants and stud earrings. Who wouldn’t love their own star sign in glittering diamonds and 18ct gold? For anyone who loves pastels, we have a stunning collection of exclusive pieces from Alice Cicolini coming in November - think dreamy combinations of blush, lilac and mint enamel mixed with coloured sapphires, garnets and tourmalines.

“Always be sure to do a little research so you feel confident in what you are buying. Anything sold in the UK made from a certain weight of precious metal, such as gold and platinum, should be hallmarked by law, so be sure to look out for these marks and don’t be afraid to ask if you cannot see them.”

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Demi-Fine Jewellery

“With demi-fine jewellery, it is easier to be more playful as the price point is a little more accessible. My advice is to look for solid gold and silver, albeit a lesser carat, so that you don’t have to worry about erosion of the plating. I love colour so there’s lots of fun and on-trend pieces to pick from this holiday season.

“One of my go-to brands for gifting (and self-gifting!) is Roxanne First. Her beaded necklaces are fun, feel good and the semi-precious stones give off some seriously good energy. Meanwhile Aurum + Grey’s new neon diamond eternity bands are the perfect combination of a classic shape with a twist and are ideal for someone who likes their jewellery to be bold but timeless.

“I am also thrilled to welcome Rachel Quinn to Liberty. Her jewellery is romantic and whimsical, without being sicky sweet, and is beautifully handcrafted. I am completely in love with her Cupid’s Arrow earrings with ruby drops and her Storm Cloud necklace.”

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Vintage Jewellery

“If you are an antique jewellery fanatic like me, you will be very excited by all of the new pieces from our in-house experts at Kojis, who specialise in jewellery from Georgian and Victorian eras right through to Art Deco and mid-century. I can't stop thinking about one of their diamond cocktail rings which would do very nicely as an alternative engagement ring. I am a great believer in not keeping things for ‘best’ though so I would wear it most days, layered in with some of my more understated antique rings. If vintage costume is more your thing then Susan Caplan has the best selection in the business.

“My biggest tip when shopping for antique and vintage jewellery is do not deliberate over the purchase. If a certain pieces speaks to you, buy it! Of course ensure you do all the sensible things such as checking the stones for cracks and chips, having the setting checked over and making sure the piece is genuinely of that era - but do not procrastinate. Nothing haunts me more than the antique pieces I have missed out on by being indecisive, the chances are you will not see them again.”

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