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bathroom diy decor ideas

DIY Ideas to Inspire a Bathroom Refresh

Give your bathroom a Liberty lease of life with our resident renovator’s do-it-yourself ideas
By: Charlotte Olby

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DIY Ideas to Inspire a Bathroom Refresh

DIY Ideas to Inspire a Bathroom Refresh

Give your bathroom a Liberty lease of life with our resident renovator’s do-it-yourself ideas

By: Charlotte Olby

So you’ve decided it's time to give your bathroom a new lease of life. As arguably one of the most well-frequented rooms in your home, it’s easy to see how a bathroom can start to look worn. Whether you’re at the mercy of a landlord or a homeowner who is fortunate enough to be able to make some more permanent changes, good style doesn’t always have to come with a hefty undertaking.

Updating your bathroom is a project that can fall one of two ways: easy or hard. The hard way is always the most costly (trust me) and involves more serious jobs like repositioning plumbing, knocking down walls, adding a roof window for more daylight – the list goes on and on… and so can the budget. As someone who has successfully renovated a dire (see: avocado) bathroom in one project house, and recently remodelled two entirely new ones in our second reno home, I feel somewhat qualified to give some solid advice on a few clever DIY decor ideas to update a tired powder room – the easy(ish) way. And the great news is that you don’t have to be an expert when it comes to DIY. A lick of paint, a dash of decor and some well-placed new bath linens can make a serious impact all while being budget-friendly, too. Here’s how:

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Soft Furnishings

The first and most obvious step is upgrading your linens. This can be a new set of Liberty towels, a luxury bath mat or replacing a tired-looking shower curtain for something with more personality. Even something as simple as hanging a robe on the back of the door can make all the difference in injecting colour and print to an otherwise hard or clinical-looking space.

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Create Texture

Take repainting up a gear and try installing some wall panelling. These days, easy panelling kits can be purchased at most DIY stores, and can be applied to the wall with a simple adhesive and finished with decorators caulk. Some free advice I learnt the hard way: ensure your panelling is timber or moisture resistant MDF, to avoid it turning to mush a year down the line, and opt for a clean-able paint finish like eggshell or satin.

Perfect Bathscaping

Channel the same passion in which you might create a tablescape into curating an insta-worthy bath #shelfie that ignites all your senses. Start by bringing the outdoors in with a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant – a small orchid or fern (both thrive in humidity) will perch perfectly on your tray – or reach new heights with a fiddle leaf fig. Create an atmosphere of relaxation with scented candles and a luxury bath oil.

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Pattern Play

For die-hard maximalists, wallpaper is your answer. Revive a boring cloakroom with a dose of Liberty print on the top half of your walls and co-ordinating with tile or panelling below. By opting to just wallpaper half the wall, it not only halves your cost, but also keeps precious wallpaper out of any splash zones, therefore preventing any risk of water or steam damage.

Consider Drapery

Enhance the overall character of the room by framing the window with curtains or blinds. If you’re like me and aren’t blessed with large floor-to-ceiling windows, try café curtains to ensure your bathroom gets natural light and privacy. You can even get crafty and DIY a pair with a fabric of your choice and a simple rail kit.

Accessorise with Art

Does your bathroom feature a rather stark all-white colour scheme? A gallery wall (or a few select pieces) will introduce interest and colour in an unexpected way – using command strips if renting. Art is the perfect way to add personality to any room and the creative possibilities are endless. Don’t just stick to pictures; small ornaments, sconces and even plates will work great in the mix.

Don’t Overlook Details

Just because you can't splurge on the clawfoot tub of your dreams doesn't mean you can't give your bathroom a major facelift by upgrading the little details like a toothbrush holder and soap dispenser – perfectly displayed on a curated bathroom shelf. Where space is an issue, pull up a stool to house catch-alls like Q-tips, cotton pads and other beauty cabinet reserves.

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