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cosy winter home ideas upgrade your home for winter

Comfort & Joy: Cosy Winter Home Upgrades

Embrace our cosy winter home ideas with a few simple upgrades to give your home a seasonal, warm and welcoming reset
By: Charlotte Olby

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Comfort & Joy: Cosy Winter Home Upgrades

Comfort & Joy: Cosy Winter Home Upgrades

Embrace our cosy winter home ideas with a few simple upgrades to give your home a seasonal, warm and welcoming reset

By: Charlotte Olby

Now that the Christmas decorations are safely stowed away, you may find your home is feeling unusually bare what with the lack of tinsel and garlands adorning your surfaces. But you needn't worry because January is all about fresh starts, making it the perfect time to embark on your next home refresh. Now we must preface this by saying, we do not expect you to redecorate your entire home right after the bustle of the Christmas holidays, but there are a few simple upgrades to introduce warmth and comfort into every room of your home with our cosy winter home ideas until spring comes knocking on our doors.

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Layering Textiles

The oldest trick in the book to instantly transition your home from summer to winter is adding throw blankets and cushions to your soft furnishings. Layering textures is an instant and impactful way to dress your sofa or bed that requires a little forward thinking. Look to your existing decor and add in some complementary yet hardier blankets in heavy lambswool or chunky knits, and introduce a few darker cushions to your current colour palette. Just don’t forget the golden rule of three in cushion matching.

Wallace Sewell Feilden Throw, £375
Liberty Tree of Life Velvet Cushion, £195
Cushendale Boher Large Aubergine Throw Blanket, £219

Focus on the Fireside

An essential for any Hygge devotee, the Danish turn of phrase for getting cosy, is a fireside. Whether you’re blessed enough to have a roaring fire in your home or a simple mantlepiece to congregate around, use it to anchor your space for the seasonal switch. Ensure your hearth is fully dressed with textured accessories that add a sense of dimension, centred with a deep pile rug.

HAY Tapis Mat, £59
Louise Roe Copenhagen Balloon Vase 02, £120
Doing Goods Palash Palm Candlestick Holder, £100

Scent of the Season

A flickering flame will always make you feel cosy and if you’re looking to inject an overall feeling of comfort into your home, the best way to do this is with scent. Swap out your floral and citrusy home fragrances for something woodier with warming notes of plum, bergamot and fig. Liberty’s Stately Bouquet Scented Candle is designed to set the tone for relaxation with a calming aroma of blackberry, cashmere, wood and musk.

Hearty Home Comforts

While there’s a lot to be said for al fresco entertaining, there’s really something special about making a meal of dinners indoors with family and friends. There's nothing quite like home cooking with one-pot recipes in the Our Place Perfect Pot and leaving it to gently simmer away while you tend to your guests. Tablescapes should be dedicated to texture and set with ambient, glow-giving candlelight.

Pottery & Poetry Painted Porcelain Dinner Plate, £70
Our Place Steam Ovenware Set, £165

An Ode to the Night In

Whether it's a date night in or a microwave meal for one, a night at home isn’t complete without the appropriate dress code. And when it comes to colder climes, we recommend you turn to the sensible time-honoured pyjama set – effortlessly comfortable and stylish in equal measure. Cashmere bed socks are, of course, compulsory.

Sleeper Pine Green Party Pyjama Set, £325
Liberty Lodden Tana Lawn™ Cotton Pyjama Set, £225

Hug in a Mug

If you’re a connoisseur of after-dinner, pre-bed drinks then you’ll understand the power of a really great mug. The humble mug truly comes into its own in winter, hot chocolates, revitalising coffees and relaxing teas in the morning and evenings. Make an event of warming winter drinks by serving in a stylish mug that you’ll be proud to be seen wrapping your hands around.

Emma Bridgewater Blue Splatter Half Pint Mug, £30
Vaiselle Hot Stuff Raspberry Jumbo Teacup and Saucer, £75
SERAX x Marni Blossom Milk Midnight Flowers Cappuccino Cup and Saucer, £65

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