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how to choose the right fabric for your craft project

The Best Fabric for the Job

The success of any sewing project lies in first securing the right materials. Liberty explains which fabric is best for whatever you plan to make next
By: Maddi John

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The Best Fabric for the Job

The Best Fabric for the Job

The success of any sewing project lies in first securing the right materials. Liberty explains which fabric is best for whatever you plan to make next

By: Maddi John

Does it drape well? How stretchy is it? Can I put it in the washing machine? When learning how to choose the right fabric for your next sewing project, these are the kinds of questions you’ll likely ask yourself. That’s because finding the right fabric for the job can be the difference between ending up with a piece you can’t wait to show off, and one you toss onto the ‘better luck next time’ pile. While some fabrics can do a lot (Liberty Tana Lawn™, we’re looking at you), most are best suited to a select few crafts. Whether you’re quilting or dressmaking, trying out embroidery or upholstery, certain fabric bases perform better than others - depending on the weight, composition and thread count. And that’s where we can help. Below, find the Liberty manual to choosing the right fabric, every time.

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For Dressmaking and Tailoring

Choose: Tana Lawn™ Cotton and Classic Silks

Ah, our beloved Tana Lawn™. Adored by Liberty Fabrics fans for generations, the classic and seasonal Tana Lawn Cotton has always been a top choice for dressmaking. One of the most versatile fabric bases on the market, Tana is known for its rich colors and silk-like feel, while also being incredibly breathable and comfortable to wear. The bonus: it’s machine washable, making it the perfect cotton fabric perfect for crafting fashion pieces, whichever sewing pattern you’re working with.

For those elevated pieces, you could also try Liberty’s Silk collection. We have a whole world of soft silk satins and lightweight crepe de chines to discover. Silk has the perfect fluid base, thanks to its natural fiber construction, and tends to drape well while retaining a good shape for years to come. When choosing the right fabric to make scarves, pocket squares, ties, shirts, blouses, dresses, or an extra-special pair of pajamas, make this your first port of call.

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For Quilting

Choose: Lasenby Cotton

Addictive and relaxing, quilting is currently enjoying a modern renaissance in the crafting world. And given these colder climes, a puff quilt to cocoon oneself in is a seasonal requirement. Designed specifically for quilting, our soft Lasenby Cotton base is made from 100% cotton and suitable for a range of creative home projects beyond quilting, including the crafting of bedspreads and cushions. Thanks to its durable and machine wash properties, this fabric is perfect for daily use, and features richly colored designs created by traditional screen-printing techniques.

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For Embroidery

Choose: Liberty Organic Cotton and Plain Fabrics

When it comes to choosing the right fabric for embroidery it’s best to stay clear of synthetics and opt for natural fibers as polyester and synthetic fabrics tend to have less give, and you might find your needle doesn’t flow so freely when embroidering small designs. Liberty’s Tana Lawn Plain Collection will be your go-to if looking for a non-patterned base to frame your craft. With its smooth texture and resistance to wrinkling, it makes for a smooth canvas that you can embroider onto with ease.

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For Upholstery

Choose: Liberty Interiors and Furnishing Fabrics

Whether you’re revamping the sofa or breathing new life into a headboard, upholstery is a great way to update your home without going through the trouble of scouting for new furniture. If you’re up to the upholstering challenge, consider Liberty Interiors fabrics your go-to. The highest quality bases of linen, velvet and cotton, each one is expertly printed in Lake Como. The collection harnesses cutting-edge textile technologies along with the superior performance of high-quality natural fibers, that’ll make for furniture you can’t wait to sit on.

As for outdoor furniture, look to the Liberty Garden for a collection of luxe but durable fabrics created with practicality in mind. As you’d expect from the home of artistic print, there are plenty of designs to choose from, from ornamental florals juxtaposed against geometric botanical layouts, as well as nostalgic Liberty ditsy florals.

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For Smaller Sewing Projects

Choose: Tana Lawn™ Cotton and Liberty Crepe de Chine

From totes and scrunchies to napkins and tablecloths, there’s been a recent spike in the numbers of us undertaking DIY projects. While any fabric (within reason) can be used here, those unaccustomed to sewing should opt for an easy and versatile fabric with natural fibers to start them off. Tana Lawn™ is just the thing. Available in both lightweight and heavier options, this cotton is easy to sew with and has high breathability and absorbency, making it the ideal fabric for totes and tablecloths. If you’re giving scrunchies and sleep masks a crack, look to Liberty’s Crepe de Chine collection to achieve a soft and glossy touch with added beauty benefits.

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