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Strength in Togetherness...Even While Apart

Our fashion founders share how they are connecting with loved ones this Christmas, together or apart
By: Team Liberty

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Even while Apart
Strength in Togetherness

Even while Apart

Our fashion founders share how they are connecting with loved ones this Christmas, together or apart

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By: Team Liberty

This Christmas, we’re celebrating togetherness, even while apart; cherishing loved ones and community, both near and far. Reaching out to those around us, we find out what Christmas 2020 looks like for our brand founders – and discover how they are staying connected to those they hold in their hearts.

Sandra Sandor - Founder, Nanushka

I will be spending Christmas in the South of Spain where my family has a house, with my fiancé Peter, close family and of course my dog Ginie.

I’ll miss everyone who won’t be there with us; my nieces and nephews as I really like to see the children's faces lighting up with excitement on Christmas morning! I think traditional beautifully printed Christmas cards have something special and I like to handwrite them with special messages for my close friends and family. It's a lasting memory with a personal touch to send a gift. I will of course video call them as well to see everyone!

This year has made us realise how important it is to be able to meet our family and friends and the importance of personal contact. I'm thankful that I will be able to celebrate and spend time with them. I'm also very thankful to the people at Nanushka, who despite all the difficulties during the past year did everything to support each other and the company.

Stine Goya - Designer

This year we will be spending our first Christmas in our new home in Copenhagen. It’s located in an area called Kartoffelrækkerne, which is a small community of houses. It’s a very cosy neighbourhood with everyone decorating houses, being involved in everyone else's plans - it will be a nice change for us.

We have been very fortunate in Denmark given that the recommendations and restrictions have not been as severe as elsewhere in Europe and globally. My closest family will all be able to spend Christmas together - and for those a little further away, we’ve planned on sending gifts for a remote version of “pakkeleg” - a fun game where you roll the dice for a chance to win from a pile of presents but there’s always a risk the winner takes all!

This turbulent year has pushed me to reconsider priorities and made the little things feel special again. It’s being able to walk along the lakes, go winter bathing in the harbour, discovering new areas of Denmark I’d never been before. I’m thankful for the continued health of my family, the ongoing support of my team and the possibilities the new year will bring. There’s a sense of hope in the air now that makes the lessons of 2020 all the more bearable.

I’m especially thankful for our continued partnership with local Danish charity Mødrehjælpen. For two years running we have collaborated as part of our exclusive sales of Christmas ornaments to donate funds to the organisation which support local families and mothers in need of socio-economic and mental health support across the countries.

Henrietta Rix - Co-founder, RIXO

I'm hoping to spend Christmas this year with my family at home in Cheshire. I have a very large family, four older brothers and lots of little nieces - eight in total so it'll be a crazy one! Christmas always feels magical with kids around, so it's filled with traditions. Putting whiskey and carrots out for Santa on Christmas eve and then lots of food and drinks, cooking, music and present opening on Christmas day. My mum’s stuffing is the BEST so we look forward to that. We always fit in a Christmas walk too with our rescue dogs, we're surround by fields so if it snows its can be really beautiful.

My iPhone will play a bit part in connecting me to those I’m apart from. FaceTime is always the best for seeing people's faces and then the traditional Christmas cards and gifts are always really nice over the festive period. I do love the feeling of getting someone something that you know they'll love. We have done some RIXO playing card packs for Christmas, so even just a small token of thought is nice.

Orlagh (RIXO co-founder) and I are great friends and more like sisters, lockdown has been tough as we haven't been together as much as we normally are. I'll miss just generally having Orlagh around, we have a great laugh together and have a very similar scene of humour.

This year has made me thankful for family and of course the health of myself and everyone around me. 2020 has put everything into perspective and your health really is your wealth.

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