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What to wear to the office in summer

What to Wear to Work in the Summer

Heed the advice of team Liberty and may you never break a sweat or have your style rained off again
By: George Elliot

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What to Wear to Work in the Summer

What to Wear to Work in the Summer

Heed the advice of team Liberty and may you never break a sweat or have your style rained off again

By: George Elliot

Styling outfits for the office can be tricky at the best of times. How casual is too casual? How do you balance professionalism and personality? But deciding what to wear to work in the summer can be even more of a minefield, thanks to the unpredictable and ever-changing weather conditions. But with that, we can help. Here to share their tried and tested tricks for summertime dressing, it's over to Team Liberty's pros…

LinLi Teh, Buying Director

"Ah, the infamous British summers where you can have four seasons in just one day and no matter how prepared you feel, you’ll always forget something - usually an umbrella! Specifically though, it's putting together an outfit that's both fit for commuting on the tube where it's always either boiling, stuffy or damp and comfortable enough for inside the office where it feels like it’s minus five and all there is between you and an eight hour battle with the air con is a thin cardi. That's where a loose and breathable dress, Read more: layers and a big bag come in: a jacket will be just enough to keep you warm once the temperatures dip, but small enough to stash in your bag when you’re out, and about and a wafty cotton dress (with pockets!) will be great at keeping you cool."

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Mwaka Kalawo, Digital Marketing Manager

"I’m a winter fashion girl at heart so while the summer season is the perfect time to be experimental with colour and texture, balancing style with practicality isn't something I find easy, especially in London where temperatures can feel quite intense, the underground commute can be uncomfortable and there's usually a threat of an unpredictable, very English rain shower. That's why I always try to adopt a minimalist mindset and go for effortless pieces that can be quickly adapted and accessorised if need be. I would recommend a summer co-ord as they're versatile and do most of the outfit styling legwork for you. Then I would typically pair my outfit with a light jacket or trench (one that's easy to carry when not being worn) and always come prepared with some sunglasses and a great mini bag, accessories that'll instantly elevate and summer uniform."

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Robyn Stevens, Editorial Graphic Designer

"Personally I find summer outfits more playful and actually require less thought than winter ones. But while I love a heatwave as much as the next person, if you forget to factor in the travel aspect, commuting into work can be a sweaty nightmare. I like to wear either a vest or t-shirt (always in a lightweight or breathable fabric), a breezy and loose-fitting trouser and then bring a light layer with me, like an oversized shirt or sweater that'll keep me cool while travelling but can then be draped over my shoulders when the office AC wars inevitably begin. Accessories require just as much strategic thinking, too. I like to have two bags, a small one for my daily essentials such as phone, purse and keys and then another that's bigger for my laptop, water bottle and after work pilates kit."

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Gabriella Carr, Liberty Brand Marketing Manager

"There are endless factors to contend with during a London summer. Firstly, the overwhelming rush of heat after stepping on and off the tube. Then there's the extreme chill from the office aircon unit, before getting caught in an unexpected shower on our way home from work. To make things trickier, I sometimes struggle to find the right balance between style and practicality, so I've been caught off guard many times in a downpour. But there is a formula that works if you stick to it: start with a vest top, dress it up with chic accessories to make it office appropriate and then grab yourself a Mac, a trans-seasonal staple that can be draped over your shoulders in the face of a chill or worn to protect the rest of your clothes when a shower strikes."

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Danielle Hiatt, Creative Production Assistant

"While I love to add accessories to staple pieces, elevating otherwise ‘simple’ outfits, the basis of my style is all about being casual, practical and versatile, which obviously helps when I'm faced with indecisive summer weather. The hardest part of preparing an outfit in the morning though is predicting what the rest of the day will be like as we all know how inaccurate forecasts can be. I don't think you can go wrong with anything made of denim down below and something easy-going above like a t-shirt, but the crucial element to add into the mix is a cropped jacket, something that'll block out any chill and is easy to take off and no trouble at all to carry when the sun's blazing. To finish, always have a pair of sunnies to hand - they'll both protect your eyes and make any outfit look that bit better."

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