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liberty christmas recipes ideas large outdoor festive table setting

Festive Feasting: Christmas Recipes With a Twist

Fancy doing something different this year? Try our alternative Christmas menu ideas to help you buck tradition and really make Christmas your own
By: Charlotte Olby

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Festive Feasting: Christmas Recipes With a Twist

Festive Feasting: Christmas Recipes With a Twist

Fancy doing something different this year? Try our alternative Christmas menu ideas to help you buck tradition and really make Christmas your own

By: Charlotte Olby

With Christmas being the season of festivities and feasting, it doesn’t feel quite right that we’re all subjected to the same old turkey and trimmings roast each year. Where’s the fun in that? If you fancy a change this year, try our mouth-watering Christmas recipe ideas for mains, sides, snacks and desserts. To help you plan a feast to remember, we’ve lovingly lifted recipes from our expert Liberty foodies to bring you dishes fuelled by family, in downloadable format, using ingredients you can get (or grow) locally that can be made with ease in your home. From new variations on old favourites to comforting caramelised apple fish pie (trust us, it works), creative desserts and vibrant veggie dishes – we have a whole range of options to delight your guests this Christmas.

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George's Comforting Caramelised Apple Fish Pie

George Elliot, Fashion Writer

“After years of sticking to the classic (and somewhat tired) turkey, I put it to my family that we should break with tradition and go for something unexpected, a dish that’s more gourmet than generic. After all, none of us really enjoyed turkey, and the faff that goes along with it, so why should we subject ourselves to it. That’s when a rich and indulgent fish pie sprang to mind, a recipe that my family of fish and seafood lovers soon fell in love with. It’s still got that element of awe when you plonk it down in the middle of the table, ready to dish out, but as a more flavoursome, decadent alternative - and one you can adapt each year with different types of fish - it’s become my family’s very own tradition. In the Elliot household, the days of dry turkey are well and truly over.”

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Amy's 'From the Allotment' Bubble & Squeak with Spiced Beetroot & Orange Chutney

Amy Honour, Marketing Manager for Liberty Fabrics

“There are a few popular traditions for the Honour family Christmas table - Dad's trifle is always a winner, but I think the most popular dish is the Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak that's made with the leftover vegetables from Christmas dinner, and accompanied with an assortment of chutneys, including Mum's famous Spiced Beetroot and Orange Chutney. My parents live in a small village in Oxfordshire, and have had an allotment since I can remember. They grow all the vegetables that we eat with Christmas dinner - parsnips, brussel sprouts, carrots, onions and potatoes! These all get chopped up and mashed together for the Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak. It’s truly a dish served up with love.”

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Beth's ‘Home-Away-From-Home’ Pavlova

Beth Mckoy, Digital Product Designer and Front-End Developer

“Pavlova is one of my favourite sweet treats. For me it will always be associated with family Christmas dessert, outside in the summer sun - at home back in Australia. Decorating the top of the pavlova (which must always contain kiwis!) with my mum is always a fond memory and tradition. This year I’m going to be drizzling mine with a blood orange and passionfruit syrup and piling on the fresh fruit.”

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Hannah's ‘Made with Grandma’ Chestnut Veggie Stuffing

Hannah Edgar, Creative Stylist & Senior Production Coordinator

"Since I can remember, I’ve slept over my Nan & Grandad’s house on the 23rd December, always in the little bedroom she’s kept like a time capsule for me. We wake up early on the 24th and dance around the kitchen to classic 70’s & 80’s Christmas songs while baking and preparing food all morning for Christmas Day. I even still wear a little ruffled apron my Nan made for me as a kid. The most noteworthy recipes we look forward to are our sausage rolls (veggie & meat ones) and a selection of stuffing. The stand out for me is the veggie one packed with Christmassy flavours and memories of my favourite day spent with my incredible Nan."

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