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Professional Skin Advice, in a Bottle

The hardest-working formulas full of cutting-edge ingredients, straight from the pros. Liberty shares the expert-backed skincare brands deserving of your precious shelf space
By: Shannon Peter

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Professional Skin Advice, in a Bottle
Skin City

Professional Skin Advice, in a Bottle

The hardest-working formulas full of cutting-edge ingredients, straight from the pros. Liberty shares the expert-backed skincare brands deserving of your precious shelf space

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By: Shannon Peter

It’s hardly a surprise that the beauty world has recently turned its attention back to expert-led skincare brands. After a period of major uncertainty rocked almost every aspect of our lives, we’ve all developed a newfound trust in science, and that certainly extends to our skincare choices, too. We want brands backed by experts, with hi-tech formulas that utilise only the most efficacious, research-backed ingredients. And oh how the skincare industry is ready to deliver. But where to start curating your pro-approved skincare routine? Here, with our list of the best expert-led skincare brands around.

The Dermatologist

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

You’d be hard pressed to find a TikTok obsessive that hasn’t themselves been sucked into the cult that is Dr Dennis Gross Skincare. A viral hit for a reason, the brand is known for producing hard-working formulas for exfoliation (and beyond). Founded by practising dermatologist and cancer researcher, Dr Dennis Gross, the formulations address all the concerns he sees in his clinic day in, day out, with a sharp focus on improving skin health, always. Try: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel, £19

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The Biochemist


First launched at a time when the natural skincare movement was booming, Medik8 refreshingly presented the perfect balance of hard-hitting natural ingredients teamed with cutting-edge science. It’s the brainchild of Daniel Isaacs, a biochemist who began conjuring up the brand’s first formulas in a tiny lab at the back of his dad’s pharmacy. Now, it’s cited regularly as the gold-standard of effective skincare, particularly as far as ingredients like retinol are involved. Try: Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 Night Serum, £47

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The Cosmetic Mastermind

Paula's Choice

Possibly one of the most outspoken names in the industry, Paula’s Choice founder Paula Begoun is something of a skincare legend. A true expert, she’s known for a no-nonsense and radically honest approach to product, swerving the allure of over-hyped ingredients in favour of efficacious formulas backed by plenty of research. But that doesn’t make it a brand without buzz, as the widespread popularity of her salicylic acid toner can attest. Try: Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, £31

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The Aesthetic Skin Doctor

Dr. Barbara Sturm

You’ll have already heard of Dr. Barbara Sturm, the visionary skin doctor famous for her vampire facials. But where once her expertise was only available in her treatment room, she’s (thankfully) funnelled it into a comprehensive range of high-end skincare products to address your every skin concern. Her thing? Skin healing, which is why you can expect to find multiple formulas and ingredients focussed on repairing the skin barrier. Try: Dr. Barbara Sturm The Better B Niacinamide Serum, £110

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The Plastic Surgeon


The medical brain behind 111Skin is plastic and reparative surgeon Dr Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS, a bonafide Harley Street legend. Launched in 2012 alongside his entrepreneur wife Eva, the brand is built around a patented antioxidant complex called NAC Y²™, proven to heal skin quickly and aesthetically post-surgery. So if it can work wonders for Dr Alexandrides patients, just think what it can do to repair, strengthen and rejuvenate your skin. Try: 111Skin Oxygen Express Mask, £95

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The Stem Cell Scientist

Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader never meant to launch a beauty brand. He was busy developing a pharmaceutical treatment that would help heal scars by way of stem cell science, when the man that would later become his co-founder, Charles Rosier, persuaded him to apply the technology to skincare products to fund Bader’s future medical trials. His cult face moisturiser has received industry-wide acclaim, working wonders on firming skin and remedy inflammation.Try: Augustinus Bader The Cream, £135

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The Biologist, Physiotherapist and Doctor Trio

Biologique Recherche

A biologist, physiotherapist and doctor walk into a bar. Not really. But they did team up to create Biologique Recherche, a clinical skincare brand that experts seemingly can’t get enough of. Known for its P50 lotion, a potent skin exfoliator, the idea was to provide professionals with high-grade formulas they couldn’t get anywhere else, but now – thanks to the wonders of the Liberty beauty hall – they’re far easier for the everyday skincare user to get hold of. Try: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, £75

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