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What to Wear to the Beach

Taking a trip to the seaside? No need to fret about your wardrobe choices with our beach dweller starter pack
By: Sophie Beresiner

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What to Wear to the Beach

What to Wear to the Beach

Taking a trip to the seaside? No need to fret about your wardrobe choices with our beach dweller starter pack

By: Sophie Beresiner

'What to wear to the beach?' is not a straightforward question. There are too many variables, the first and most obvious being age plus body confidence divided by the square root of sartorial taste minus budget. But if I might be so bold as to remove the maths and suggest that the 'what to wear to the beach' conundrum is simply a question of joy, then we've hit upon a universal truth. That is; lucky you! You're going to the beach! Now retain that joy, revel in it, don't let questions about what the hell you'll wear there dampen your mood, because I am here to provide a fail safe beach starter kit that will let you focus on frozen margaritas or your paddle boarding form instead of hoiking your bikini out of your but I digress. Shall we begin?

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A Throw On Cover Up

La Veste Fringes Mini Towel Dress, £165

Quality is king here. I am inclined to invest more in my cover up than anything else because it's basically your beach coat, and we already know how important a good coat is. I don't want it to cover me up, I want it to make a statement about my very relaxed bohemian beach style, I want to enjoy throwing it on with confidence so I can go to the bar/the loo/the ice cream van without even considering my rear view.

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Liberty Daisy Scatter Hemp Resort Kimono Robe, £265
KITRI Bunty Blue Stripe Knitted Dress, £165
Liberty Adeoye Resort Tana Lawn™ Cotton Classic Kaftan, £275

A Does-It-All Swimsuit

Hunza G Square Neck Lilac Crinkle Swimsuit £130

In my case; be elegant, but cool (in all senses of the word), quietly interesting, cover surgery scars, not go as high up my thigh as current trends dictate, give that comforting kind of support that excellent sports leggings provide, pack light, dry quickly, not be extortionate, but not fall apart in contact with chlorine either, I could go on about my swimwear needs but I don’t need to because I’ve found The One… Hunza G, thank you for your service.

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Stine Goya Angela Checked Print Swimsuit, £160
Bohodot x Liberty Fabric Lemon Blossom Basic One-Piece Swimsuit, £105

An Oversized Shirt

Stine Goya Mia Green Poplin Stripes Shirt, £210

Or any kind of shirt really, but something wafty and comfy. You can wear this to the beach, but you can also wear it on the beach, (in place of a cover-up even) – it’s the perfect understated touch that is worth the investment because you’ll keep wearing it way beyond the beach. Imagine knotting it at the waist while you wade in up to your ankles, leaving it open over your swimsuit/denim shorts combo to go home.

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Liberty Elements Fitted Tana Lawn™ Cotton Shirt, £145
BEARE PARK BP Monogrammed Classic Shirt, £350
Lisa Says Gah Chris Button-Up Mixed-Stripe Shirt, £100

The Right Ratio Shorts

SESSÙN Carnon Shorts Price, £100

Light and breezy, it's hard to go wrong with a pair of shorts on the beach. Why? Well for one, they pair excellently with an oversized shirt, and two, they're easy to throw on over a bikini. Denim may look great, but after a swim can be stiff and uncomfortable, so we suggest a cotton or linen pair that's breathable and light. Hop on the boxer shorts trend and look for a striped, oversized pair, or better yet, find a matching shorts and shirt co-ord for a put-together, effortless ensemble.

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Isabel Marant Étoile Talapiz Silk Bourette Shorts, £300
A.P.C. Cecilia Tana Lawn Cotton Liberty Print Shorts, £185

Extra Sunglasses

Loewe Paula's Ibiza Flower Sunglasses, £310

Not a spare pair, no I mean ‘extra’ extra. Your accessories are an excellent outlet for expressing your style when it comes to beachwear. If I’m going crazier in shape I prefer neutral in shade, but that’s just me. Obviously they’re a health and safety consideration as essential as SPF 50, but the real benefit of sunglasses is the joy and symmetry they bring to your outfit. If you need an extra ‘extra’ pair, who am I to dissuade you?

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The Basket Bag

Liberty Raffia Large Toama Tote Bag, £295

I know we are all over straw bags for summer in general, but when worn to the beach, the basket bag comes into its own, official purpose. Roomy, even better when battered, lightweight and super stylish and - crucially - closeable, are my criteria. The Liberty raffia tote ticks every box. It is practical magic.

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Naghedi St. Barths Lilac Mini Woven Tote Bag, £190
LOEWE x Paula's Ibiza Pochette DW Anagram Bag, £575

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