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The No-Knot Guide to Layering Necklaces

Foolproof tips for layering the right way, no tangling necessary
By: Charlotte Pavitt

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The No-Knot Guide to Layering Necklaces
Rules of Engagement

The No-Knot Guide to Layering Necklaces

Foolproof tips for layering the right way, no tangling necessary

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By: Charlotte Pavitt

Learning how to layer your necklaces might seem an easy prospect in theory, but in practice this isn’t a throw-on-and-go situation. The art of necklace-stacking is one that requires a little strategic thinking. Here are Liberty’s tried and tested tips to achieving a fail-safe, tangle-free, statement stack.

Length Matters

It’s not a one-size-fits all method. To stop your necklaces fighting for attention, try mixing up the lengths. Consider starting off with a choker, then add in a mid-length necklace (or two or even three) and finish with a long pendant.

Pick a Focal Point

Selecting one statement necklace helps to create a centrepiece for your look, so may we suggest Alighieri's Gold-Plated The Water Bearer Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace, £210 or Martha Calvo's Gold-Plated Sofia Chain Necklace, £130. Let this main attraction do the talking while the rest of your pieces work as the support acts.

Lightweight vs Heavyweight

Opt for a mixture of chunky and skinny chains, as well as different textures (think beads and bobbles), to encourage separation. The heavier pieces will have a tendency to ‘anchor’ as a base, allowing the lighter weights to join the necklace party in harmony.

Mix Metals

For a more disruptive approach to layered necklaces, try wearing different metals simultaneously. There is beauty in eclecticism, and you get more varied combinations so you can mix your look up on different days depending on the balance of silver to white, yellow or rose gold.

Multi-Tasking Pieces

If you aren’t heavily committed to a single style, adding different pendants or charms to your ‘base chain’ is a playful way to add versatility to your necklace styling. Try brands with personalised elements like Liberty's18ct Gold Letter Pendants, £425 or for a pop of colour, try Anoushka’s 18ct Gold Green Jade and Pearl Tulip Charm, £675 to switch out your look depending on the occasion or your mood.

Don't Get Tied in Knots

If you’re looking to prevent tangles altogether, the rules are simple: use necklaces with different chains or materials, mixing dainty and chunky. The chunkier chains will stay in place, perfectly socially distancing themselves from your more minimal pieces.

Keep a Gap

The closer your necklaces are in length, the more likely they’ll tangle, so consider spacing your layers with at least a 2” gap. All sound a bit much? You can always simply opt for Kenneth Jay Lane's 22ct Gold-Plated Hammered Coin Layered Pendant Necklace, £80, for a ready-made layered look without the faff.

A Liberty Layering Trick

This clever trick will save you the stress of getting your necklaces in a tangle.

1. Put two necklaces on as normal, then spin them around so the clasps are on your front
12. Unclasp each necklace
13. Re-clasp each necklace to the link in the other necklace
14. Twist back to the front and voila!
1Not only does this stop your necklaces from getting knotted together, but you can also adjust the length to your desired style as they’re now on one continuous loop.

The Ultimate Detangling Hack

Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry. If you find yourself or your necklaces tied up in knots, try this trick:

1. Lay your knotted jewellery on a hard surface, spreading the chains out around the knots.
2. Unclasp any closures
3. Gently tap the centre of the knot(s) with the pointed tip of a pair of tweezers until the knot starts to loosen, then ease the tangled sections out with them until you get a clear section. Repeat until you’re all undone.

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