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Maria Tash Top Ten Hero Earrings

Make Your Earscape Extraordinary with Maria Tash

To configurate the perfect display of earrings, piercing pioneer and queen of the Curated Ear®, Maria Tash is the one to consult
By: George Elliot

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Make Your Earscape Extraordinary with Maria Tash

Make Your Earscape Extraordinary with Maria Tash

To configurate the perfect display of earrings, piercing pioneer and queen of the Curated Ear®, Maria Tash is the one to consult

By: George Elliot

So you’re looking to deck your ears with the ultimate array of earrings? Well, you’re in the very best place because this edit of the best Maria Tash earrings will have you well on your way towards selecting a striking yet harmonious stack. After all, ever since globally renowned piercer Maria Tash established her flagship studio inside Liberty’s legendary Jewellery Hall, a space that’s full to the brim with the most extraordinary earrings, it’s been the undisputed hub of the Curated Ear®. Showcasing some of Tash’s best-loved diamond studs, golden hoops and gem-encrusted drops, your new stack starts here.


Diamond Flower Garland

Maria Tash 18ct Diamond Flower Garland Single Threaded Stud Earring, £1,365

"I always enjoy wearing pieces that exude opulence," says Maria Tash. "That's why I recommend leaving space in your carefully Curated Ear for the 18ct Diamond Flower Garland Single Threaded Stud Earring. Featuring white diamond-encrusted blooms, it's a bold design that never fails to make a statement."

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Large Pearl Trinity Single Stud

Maria Tash 14ct Large Pearl Trinity Single Stud Earring, £280

If you haven't heard already, Pearlcore is on the rise, so this 14 carat gold stud - featuring a cluster of three white pearls - is the one to add to your ear curation next. A variation on Maria Tash’s signature Trinity stud, add to your tragus, conch, tash rook, helix or lobe to get reacquainted with the natural beauty of pearl jewellery.

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Triple Spike Hoop

Maria Tash 14ct Gold 8mm Faceted Triple Spike Hoop Earring, £520

“Spikes have been part of my designs since the early ‘90s and this is one is both staple and statement in equal measure” Tash states. “I always strive to create something I haven't seen before, and this iconic piece - with it's tripe gold spikes - is one that I am particularly proud of."

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Emerald Eternity Bar Charm Stud

Maria Tash18ct White Gold 18mm Emerald Eternity Bar Charm Single Threaded Stud Earring

Falling from the lobe and encrusted with 14 glittering green emeralds - the kind that catch the light with every slight turn of the head - this slender, pointed bar charm is a colourful update on a Maria Tash classic. Wear it alongside the brand's shorter bar charm stud for maximum elegance.

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Diamond Eternity Hoop

Maria Tash 18ct 8mm Diamond Constellation Eternity Single Hoop Earring, £1,415

A modern classic, this hoop earring features a row of glistening star-shaped white diamonds. A timeless piece, it’s the kind of earring you’ll want to wear for a lifetime. In fact, have you thought about choosing an incredible earring instead of a traditional engagement ring?

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Triangle Diamond Dangle Earring

Maria Tash 18ct Invisible Set Triangle Diamond Dangle Single Threaded Earring, £1,410

"Cascading down from the ear, this earring showcases two triangular diamonds that mirror eachother," Tash describes. "One of my favourites, I carefully created this design so that it gently moves with the wearer. For a show-stopping display, pair it with an equally elegant Double Chain Connecting Charm for a waterfall of shine."

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Diamond Arrow Stud

Maria Tash 18ct 10mm Diamond Arrow Single Threaded Stud Earring, £375

If your ear-scape calls for a playful addition, something that’s as bold as it is beautifully crafted, this 18 carat white gold stud is the fun yet elegant conversation-starter to wear. A rebellious take on jewellery box essentials, this earring has all the hallmarks of an attention-grabbing statement piece.

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Pearl and Spike Pendulum

Maria Tash 14ct Short Pearl and Spike Pendulum Charm, £250

"I love movement and punk-inspired touches. This piece has both, so deserves a spot on your ear," Tash recommends. "I wanted the white pearl and small pointed spike to appear as if they were floating in the air so this piece is a product of much thought and clever design tricks."

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Rose Gold Long Spike Hoop

Maria Tash 14ct Rose Gold Faceted Single 25mm Long Spike Clicker Hoop Earring, £750

When it comes to stacking your ear-scape, sometimes going bigger really is better. Slick and minimal yet striking in size, this 14 carat rose gold hoop is a case in point. And because it's brimming with versatility, it'll slot seamlessly into any ear curation.

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Apsara Hoop

Maria Tash 14ct 8mm Cubic Zirconia Apsara Single Hoop Earring, £585

"When adorning your ear with an array of earrings, it's always best to offset the dainty and delicate with something textural or chunky. For the much-needed definition, this Aspara Hoop is perfect," Tash advises. "Providing the desired bulk without being dominating, its inner row of small stones are illuminated by an outer band of larger ones, delivering radiating concentric rings of shine.”

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