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The Return of the Friendship Ring

Not just for your betrothed, matching rings can (and really should) be for best friends, too. It’s a Friendship Ring Thing.
By: Shannon Peter

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The Return of the Friendship Ring

The Return of the Friendship Ring

Not just for your betrothed, matching rings can (and really should) be for best friends, too. It’s a Friendship Ring Thing

By: Shannon Peter

Don’t be fooled by their current rise in the popular zeitgeist – friendship rings are no new fangled thing. In fact, the concept of gifting rings to your inner circle can be traced back as far as the Middle Ages when bands inscribed with sweet, sentimental nothings were all the rage. A little like right-hand rings, since then, they’ve repeatedly swung in and out of fashion’s favour, notably peaking during the 70s and 80s when sporting a friendship ring was like updating your Facebook relationship status – a public declaration of your mutual appreciation.

In the here and now, though, friendship rings are once again having A Moment – and this is the good bit – it isn’t just your best friend that gets in on the action. The idea is that the pair (or group) of you wear rings so you’ll each be reminded of your bond with every glance down at the keyboard or wash of the hands.

Should you (and they) have the necessary finger real estate to spare, first note that matching rings for best friends needn’t be completely identical. Perhaps they share a similar shape, style or stone. Perhaps they’re the same ring, just in a different colour or personalised with your own initials. The only rule? The rings should aptly symbolise your adoration and admiration for one another. Here’s all the inspiration you’ll need…

Pinky Promises

If your ring finger is otherwise accounted for, let the littlest play host to your friendship ring. A family heirloom in the making, classic signet styles work particularly well in this spot. Granted, plain options have their place in any finger-scape, but there’s something particularly special about a signet ring studded in colourful gems, engraved with celestial designs or personalised with your initials.

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Lucky Charms

We see your charm bracelets and raise you charm rings – or in other words, rings flanked with tiny trinkets loaded with heart-warming memories. Just find a symbol, character or talisman that sparks joy in you and your friend. Perhaps that’s a smiley face a la Seb Brown, a lucky horseshoe courtesy of Estella Bartlett or a symbolic love bird like the one enamelled onto one of Anna + Nina’s rings.

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Flying Colours

If there’s a place to play with colourful jewellery, it’s when picking out matching rings for your best friends. Select a style that features your respective birthstones, comes in your favourite colour or take things even further with a full spectrum of multicoloured gems, just like Suzanne Kalan’s rainbow baguette ring.

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Precious Metals

Rather something a little more understated? A single metal ring will slip seamlessly into your current collection. But note: simple needn’t equate to boring, particularly when you consider the current generation of playful jewellers and artisans experimenting with shape, form, texture and size.

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Inside Joke

A little like the sweet inscriptions hidden inside friendship rings of yore, a growing number of new age jewellers are choosing to tuck the best bit of their designs out of sight. Whether it's a secret engraving or concealed pearl, only you and your pal will know these tiny treasures are there at all.

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