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Loretta de Feo, founder of Dizziak

How Loretta de Feo Created Dizziak

It was a mixture of disappointment and determination that led this music industry pro to launch her own haircare brand. How did she do it? Liberty finds out
By: Shannon Peter

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How Loretta de Feo Created Dizziak

How Loretta de Feo Created Dizziak

It was a mixture of disappointment and determination that led this music industry pro to launch her own haircare brand. How did she do it? Liberty finds out

By: Shannon Peter

Champions of the creative spirit, we've always spotlighted those who go above and beyond to deliver the unexpected – and now we’d like to help push them forward. Join us as we share the stories of the most courageous changemakers, experimental artisans and progressive innovators that make the Liberty community so extraordinary

Sure, you might have spotted a gap in the market or two throughout your time, but have you had the gumption to actually do anything about it? Loretta de Feo has. After years of feeling uninspired and unimpressed by the modern UK haircare market, unable to find efficacious products that would actually make a difference to her multi-textured hair, she decided to take matters into her own hands. And the results – a five-formula-strong range of products for hair and body loved by pretty much anyone that tries them – are testament to her hard graft. Here, we sit down with the entrepreneur to unravel the backstory of her brand, DIZZIAK


How Did You First Get into the World of Haircare?

My personal journey included 16 years full time in the live music industry. I worked my way up from intern to music agent and then I launched and ran an award-winning music venue and worked as a freelance artist booker for branded events. During the last three years of working in music, I side hustled as a freelance beauty writer. I was taken on by Stylist Magazine as a contributing beauty writer after the Beauty Director heard my nightmare stories with regards to my hair – she wanted to bring light to the sub-standard products and salon nightmares that I had experienced as a black/mixed woman. Weirdly, it was so normal to me! Part of the role was to test and recommend products – I really struggled with this – I remember there only being two brands that I liked. And that’s when I decided to create DIZZIAK.

My starting point was the recognition that all hair is different, but there are some ingredients that are good for all hair. So, I focused there when developing the products.

Working closely with my cosmetic scientist and after years of ingredient research, I created small sample pots when I was developing the formulation and handed them to friends and friends of friends (with varying hair types) and strangers to test. When I got 10/10 feedback from everyone, I knew we were good to go.

At the core of DIZZIAK is hydration. We know what ingredients work and make a difference. I will always put effectiveness before margins and that’s the formula I replicate for each product. Each product in the DIZZIAK range I create is based on the idea that it’s because it’s needed, best in class and doesn’t already exist.

You Have One Minute – Give Us Your Brand Elevator Pitch

All hair and bodies are different. DIZZIAK is different.

DIZZIAK is the multi-award-winning, ultra-hydrating beauty range for every hair type and every body – no exceptions and no exclusions. A multiculturally-minded brand for the 21st century, instinctively influenced by fashion, art, music and current culture. Founded by Londoner Loretta De Feo and backed by Dua Lipa, DIZZIAK first brought its game-changing ethos to hair when it launched in 2018. Prioritising hair and skin health, the DIZZIAK formulations offer powerful nourishment and intense hydration without ever overloading, stripping or weighing down.

I don’t consider myself competing against anyone – It’s about finding a space. And there was and is a massive one in the haircare industry.

How Did Your Personal Experiences Influence DIZZIAK?

I created DIZZIAK because I needed it. My hair is a medley of textures – I'd say around five – most conditioners were either too light, gloopy or too heavy. I found myself importing products from the US that contained 'suspect' ingredients, smelt of sickly artificial fruit, cost a bomb in shipping, took ages to arrive and consistently missed the mark. My hair was breaking off, it felt intensely dry and just looked... flat. My twice weekly wash, condition and weekly deep condition seemed to make zero difference. My cupboards were filled with half used, expensive hair products. Something had to give.

And that is the exact moment I vowed to make healthy (no harsh chemicals) products that streamlined my routine, were effective for all hair, featured a high dosage of active ingredients and that was accessible in the same sort of stores that I bought my make-up and beauty products from. I spent years trying to find a 'staple' brand like this.

All hair has the same primary need and that's hydration, so why not make powerful products that do exactly what they say they will do - hydrate, wash and deep condition. I wanted my whole family (with all of our different hair textures) to be able to use it and I wanted to streamline my previous product-heavy routine.

I also wanted the brand to reflect my other passions: music, art and fashion. I couldn’t see any other brands like this. There was no way I was going to work on something that was exactly like everything else on the market.

When Are You at Your Most Creative?

For me, everything of interest creatively has originally derived from the city streets and underground. I’m naturally curious and my eyes are always open. In my twenties and early thirties, I was probably at a different club or gig every night just absorbing whatever was going on at the time. And nowadays, although I still like to go out, it’s often on long solo walks when my eyes will capture something and not clubs.

There is so much energy everywhere and that’s to do with it being multicultural. I did briefly move to the seaside once. I thought that was the life I wanted, but it very quickly (three and a half weeks) transpired that I need the city spirit to feel inspired and excited.

What’s Your Biggest Distraction?

My spontaneous side and overactive imagination.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Looking to Start Their Own Brand?

Switch off the surrounding noise (social media, for example) and focus. Don’t follow any businesses in the area you want to go in as you’ll likely be influenced by what they are doing and not create anything original or take the approach that feels right for you. Take one step each day to make it happen – this could be a tiny step, but do something. And finally – trust your gut!

What Does Success Look Like to You?

To stay passionate about DIZZIAK and the changes that it’s made to the beauty landscape. If you’re passionate, everything else classed as success in business (money / positioning etc) will follow. Plus, no alarm clock.

What Are Your Three Best Tips for Creativity?

1. Move – All the best ideas come away from the desk.

2. Mess with your routine sometimes – Do the same thing all the time and expect the same results! This applies to everything.

3. Be curious – I love wandering around, chatting to the strangers, people watching alone, having no plans in a day, being spontaneous, watching old films, reading old magazines and getting in YouTube wormholes of videos from past generations.

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