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Discover the Paradise Lands collection from Liberty Fabric

Make Your Great (Crafting) Escape with Paradise Lands

Let your imagination run wild with the latest collection from Liberty Fabric, available in-store and online now
By: Shannon Peter

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Make Your Great (Crafting) Escape with Paradise Lands

Let your imagination run wild with the latest collection from Liberty Fabric, available in-store and online now

By: Shannon Peter

As every devoted crafter will know, there’s something rather transportive about craft, about sitting down in front of your sewing machine and allowing your creativity to take you someplace else. For its latest collection, Liberty Fabric is making that metaphorical escape all the easier, with 15 charming prints that’ll take you to all sorts of whimsical worlds, each one conjured up in our in-house design studio.

From fairytale woodlands to the depths of the sea or even to outer space, each location is home to a variety of wonderful creatures, including fire-breathing dragons, tessellating unicorns and whale spaceships (yes, really). Perfect for those making something for an imaginative child, or even simply for an adult that’s young at heart, there’s a whole world of crafting possibilities to explore, so tell us: what will you make next?

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This playful geometric design is formed from tessellating unicorns that create the look of a houndstooth check. Inspired by the mathematical artworks of M.C. Escher, this design was painted in gouache to create flowing yet graphic shapes.
This design juxtaposes intergalactic exploration with deep sea discovery – both areas of entrancing mystery and magnificence. The dreamscape captures astronauts, planets, schools of fish and spacecraft whales, all suspended within a great starry sky.
This charming conversational design is inspired by Louie the dog, who dreams of being transported to the jungle. The animals he encounters are playfully painted in gouache, with a bold graphic appearance.
Dreamlike illustrative vignettes are sewn together with the text ‘Make a Wish Upon a Star’. Hand drawn moons, stars, dandelions, paper airplanes, planets, rockets, trees and more combine to create a fantastical imagined land.
Hidden among decorative scales, this secondary conversational design camouflages a fire-breathing dragon within a magical geometric world.
Inspired by our shared human fascination with the universe and what lies beyond, Stellar is a mesmerising geometric of sparkling stars and planets. Painted in washes of indigo ink, it gives the design tonality, energy and movement.
Etta is a charming print of fallow deer prancing in an imaginary forest full of flora and berries. A modern interpretation of a nostalgic fairytale scene, it is drawn in fineliner pen in the studio and coloured with a bold ground.
Regal and elegant, the swan has been included in fairytales throughout the ages. Here we see this stunning bird crowned and gliding through a pond of lily pads and their flowers. A conversational design, Manon was painted in the studio in gouache.
Mini Medallion features a plethora of sparkly stars, seen in the vast night sky of a faraway land. Often associated with good luck and fortune, stars give this whimsical design an eye-catching quality. It is painted in gouache in the studio.
This sparkling, otherworldly design is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient Tree of Life motif. Drawn meticulously in pencil and coloured digitally, it is named after the Kobushi flower it features.
This design was created using a traditional Japanese pigment called ‘Gansai’ on Japanese painting paper made from linen. This technique adds a delicate, soft aesthetic to the elegant florals and fluttering butterflies.
Tafiti is a pan-Polynesian word for any faraway place. Created using Japanese calligraphy paper ‘Hanshi’ and thin inkpen to draw the delicate outline, we can see shells, corals, and sea florals shimmering within this delicately beautiful underwater world.
This conversational design captures a variety of forest creatures frolicking among autumn leaves, mushrooms, acorns and berries. Drawn in ink pen, soft washes of colour have been added using digital brushes.
This monotone design features a magical world to be discovered, woven among enchanted vines and between a scattering of stars. Fairytale carriages and heroic knights travel along the scrolling leaves, and woodland animals gather under peculiar mushrooms.
This fabric features a charming print of swirling, flower-topped dolls dancing across the surface.

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