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What to Wear to a Picnic

A picnic is always a good idea (you can always take it indoors), but what to wear? Let this Liberty Starter Pack show you how to perfectly compliment your condiments
By: George Elliot

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What to Wear to a Picnic

What to Wear to a Picnic

A picnic is always a good idea (you can always take it indoors), but what to wear? Let this Liberty Starter Pack show you how to perfectly compliment your condiments

By: George Elliot

So, you want to know what to wear to a picnic? Like your hamper - which should be filled to the brim with mouth-watering treats (think: a charcuterie board, crisps, sandwiches, strawberries and something bubbly) - the ultimate picnic outfit also has multiple elements to consider. Weather (layers), comfort (sit-ability), suitability (room for food). From the summery top and shorts combo to the all-weather skin-protecting sun cream that every picnic requires, this Liberty Starter Pack will have you well on your way to picnicking perfection in no time.

The Printed Combo

Whether you plan to set up your spread at the park, in the open countryside or on a sun-dappled beach, there’s something that’s ideal for every type of high summer picnic: a printed top and skirt combo. Comfy to wear, perfect for those wanting to top up their tan and simple to layer-up when the temperature inevitably drops, they make for the ultimate duo. Those that are bright and brimming with colour capture the joy of the spring/summer season best, so whichever you choose, always remember that fortune favours the bold.

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The Sun Cream

Whether the sun’s rays are blazingly intense or if the sky is overcast with clouds, there’s something that every picnicker should have to hand: a trusty SPF. Providing protection from UV light, Dermalogica’s 50 Sport SPF50 156ml, £35 comes highly recommended. Formulated to hydrate the skin while defending it from sun damage, apply this non-greasy sun cream liberally to the body and around 15 minutes before heading out into the sun. With anti-ageing ingredients, Skincycles' DNA Defence Sun Shield 50ml, £50 is another Liberty favourite. Share it among your fellow picnickers to ward off the all-too-familiar redness.

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The Sunglasses

It’s a fact: while they also shield from the sun, wearing a pair of face-flattering sunglasses - the kind that also suit your sense of style and personality - will result in an instant outfit upgrade. Take Liberty's Angular Sunglasses, £140; ideal for those with round and oval face shapes, this vintage-inspired pair will elevate your picnic outfit to peak levels of chicness. For those with face shapes on the square and rectangular side, may we suggest Celine’s Acetate Round Sunglasses, £340? Also with a touch of retro glamour to them, simply put on to see the difference.

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The Extra Layer

Even in the sunniest of spots there’s always a chance that your picnic might be rained-off. For this reason, having a jacket by your side or something plush to wear is essential. Denim is trending big time this season, so there's every reason to make FARM Rio's Jungle Flow Embroidered Denim Jacket, £300 your extra layer. Ganni is another cult brand that has you covered. Decked all over in the cult label's logo, it's Logo Wool Mix Cardigan, £275 is one of the comfiest around.

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The Bag

When it comes to choosing the right bag that’s perfect for picnicking, there are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, it should be a bag with versatility, the kind you can wear beyond the summer months with almost everything in your wardrobe. It also needs to be big enough for all your essentials while not being so large that it becomes a chore to carry (you already have a hamper to hold, after all). As the Goldilocks of bags, Loewe's Large Basket Bag, £475 is just right and nothing short of chic. Coming with an easy-to-wear shoulder strap, Liberty's Iphis White Mini Marlborough Tote Bag, £395 ticks the style, practicality and timeless boxes. Just pack with sun cream, your bluetooth speaker and phone before heading out. Outfit complete!

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