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ask a liberty expert 2LG studio making living lovely book

Ask a Liberty Expert: 2LG Studio

The interior design duo answers your burning questions.
By: Team Liberty

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2LG Studio
Ask a Liberty Expert

2LG Studio

The interior design duo answers your burning questions

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By: Team Liberty

Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe are the creative couple behind 2LG Studio. Sought for their vibrant approach to interior design, and never shying away from a bold move, the pair has made graphic detail and colour experimentation a signature. Now, they’re putting their know-how on paper, with the arrival of interiors bible, Make Living Lovely. Taking over to answer your questions, here they share their tips for making the most of your space – quirks and all.

Where do I start on creating a picture wall?

“A great place to start is with one or two key pieces that are your absolute favourites, position them first and then build around that. Sometimes we lay it out on the floor to work out the pattern. You can make paper templates and cut around them and then put those on the wall.”

I want to find a statement rug for the centre of my living room, but not sure where to start?

Jordan: With rugs, go big! Our biggest tip would be go big, most people choose too small a rug.

How do you decide on using super bold colours in a home?

“We talk about bold colours and how to use them a lot in the book. Start with a structure, and you can support a bolder colour move with the base structure that you’ve worked with. Just be brave – go for it. If you love it, then it’s going to work.

What do you do when you disagree on a design decision? With a client or between yourselves.

“We often disagree when it comes to making decisions design-wise. We always say we have the arguments for our clients. We embrace the creative conflict, so don’t shy away from it. Dive into it – that’s where the good stuff is.”

How do you make a low ceiling appear much higher?

“We love to add colour and pattern to ceilings, so one tip to make the ceiling appear higher or the room look bigger is to use the same finish on the walls and the ceiling. It can feel mad, but it works.”

Any tips for ways for apartment dwellers who can’t paint their walls to a colour?

“Colour doesn’t always have to be on the walls, so if you have a more neutral scheme and you’re not allowed to use colour on the walls then bring it in with artwork, with rugs, and with lighting.”

What are your top bathroom must-haves?

“Keep a limited palette of materials, good hidden storage is always a winner. And don’t be scared of colour. So many people just go for white – go for colour.”

I can’t decide on tiles for my hallway, any advice?

“Hallways are generally quite high traffic areas, so a pattern is always quite cool in the hallway. Also, think about the architecture of the property that you have, and try to do something that gives a nod to it. So here, we’ve used a Victorian tile because it’s a Victorian property.”

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