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Liberty LBTY. Fragrance made by the world's top perfumers

Dreaming in Scent: Interpret Your Dreams with Liberty LBTY. Fragrance

Let your dreamscape lead you to your next signature scent, with a little help from Lady Liberty
By: Lady Liberty

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Dreaming in Scent: Interpret Your Dreams with Liberty LBTY. Fragrance

Dreaming in Scent: Interpret Your Dreams with Liberty LBTY. Fragrance

Let your dreamscape lead you to your next signature scent, with a little help from Lady Liberty

By: Lady Liberty

We have long sought to interpret the meaning of our dreams. In dreams, symbols are the language, invoking a feeling or idea often more profound than any awake thoughts can conjure. But dreams are not just distant images, born from the depth of our sleeping minds – part memory, part dreamscape – but living worlds where all of our senses are awake. So what if those sensations, that live on within our dreams, could be singularly embodied in scent?

Entrusted with distilling our dreams and memories into every bottle, the team of world-renowned perfumers behind the all-new Liberty LBTY. Fragrance collection were tasked with reinterpreting iconic Liberty prints to stopper five dreamlike fragrances packed with essential oils and botanicals. And, by wearing them, they help to expand your imagination into the land of daydream via an olfactory journey of wonder. Allow Lady Liberty to decipher your dreams and ensnare your senses with a Liberty LBTY. Fragrance to suit your subconscious…

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What Do Dreams Mean?

While you’re sleeping, your brain is conjuring up around five dreams per night – that’s a lot of subconscious thoughts to unpack. And while every dream is unique, they do tend to follow certain patterns. From being late to losing teeth, dream meanings can get a bad rep, but it’s not all doom and gloom. If you’re finding yourself transported to a mini-vacation in your mind, you’re not just seeing the dreamscape but also feeling, hearing and smelling it. Dreams and fragrance are made from the same fabric, holding clues to our waking lives. Smell heightens our reality and our imagination, triggering memories and emotions, constructing environments and atmospheres even more so than any other sense – with smell acting as a trigger in recalling long-forgotten memories. Let us take you on a journey to an imaginary place in which travel, dream and memory merge…


The Dream: You find yourself in an orchard, meandering through clusters of blooming jasmine, honeysuckle, hawthorn and citrus fruit. The warmth of spring air breaks through and a light breeze carries fragrance to your nose as you’re pulled deep into a silver birch woodland with whispers of soft musk. A leafy trail brings you to a clearing set for tea. You clink the porcelain of your cup of Earl Grey tea to release a thousand orange blossom butterflies.

The Meaning: A time for renewal, new ideas and opportunities is coming.

The Fragrance: Liberty Maze.
A crisp and tranquil citrus scent with notes of bergamot, Earl Grey tea, neroli, primrose, jasmine, honeysuckle, dreamwood®, silver birch and hawthorn​

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The Dreamscape: Historic London

The Dream: You’re walking the streets of London, the year is 1875 and rain is splashing the pavements. You duck into a vast Tudor building to seek refuge. Your eyes adjust as you take in the Great Ship Liberty, its hallowed beams and wood panelling stretching up to reveal an emporium of bohemia. Underfoot lies the timber decks from two ancient battleships. As you run your hand across a vast, richly-textured tapestry an ornamental and woody scent is released – filled with bursts of grated ginger, nutmeg and juniper berries while deep woodland notes and resins unfurl.

The Meaning: Overcoming a tumultuous period and finding solace.

The Fragrance: Tudor.
A bohemian, ornamental and woody scent with notes of juniper, ginger, nutmeg, cypress, chamomile, cistus, sandalwood, iris and amber.

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The Dreamscape: A Tropical Glasshouse

The Dream: Bathed in afternoon sunlight, you make your way up a freshly-mown grassy hill. Atop sits a sprawling glasshouse that’s calling to you. You make your way through its doors and are hit with a feeling of warmth as the tropical palms, feathery leaves and ferns spread out above your head. A rich, heady scent of dewy, rain-saturated leaves and twists of juicy grapefruit mixed with something a little wild fills your senses, bursting with botanical lushness – all drizzled with a honeyed floral nectar. You sit, perched next to a large palm and turn your face to bask in the sun.

The Meaning: You are craving travel, adventure and excitement.

The Fragrance: Adelphi Sun.
A verdant and succulent botanical scent with notes of grapefruit, cardamom guatemala, golden fern, jasmine India, linden, narcissus, sandalwood album australia, boxwood and ambrox.

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The Dreamscape: A Palace Garden

The Dream: You’re walking along a gravelled path. Behind you, lies a majestic palace glinting with treasures and trinkets and framed by lavish flora, fauna and decadent figs waiting to be picked. In front, a shimmering fountain awaits you. But before you arrive, you’re stunned by the appearance of a large peacock. Your feathered friend sways its tremendous tail and fills the air with a luscious amber incense smell. It’s an invitation to step further and walk the path together into an enchanted realm.

The Meaning: Prestige and success is in your future after rejuvenation.

The Fragrance: Zephirine.
A luscious and spiritual amber scent with notes of fig, cypress, clove, rose centifolia, patchouli heart SFE, benzoin, suede, vetiver haiti and cedarwood

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The Dreamscape: Falling Confetti

The Dream: You’re falling through the air. Your heart is quickening but not through fear. Surrounding you floats bounteous bunches of roses, peonies and forget-me-nots – their petals fluttering and falling in a kaleidoscope of confetti. The air is smouldering with the floral scent mixed with hot saffron, patchouli and smouldering woods. You wonder what will meet you at the bottom, but the only thing you’re certain of is that it will be joyous so you close your eyes and surrender to the mystery of it all.

The Meaning: Surrendering to desire and a feeling of jubilation.

The Fragrance: Wild Rosinda.
A rich and mysterious floral scent with notes of black pepper, English ivy, wild currant, Bulgarian rose, saffron, geranium, guaiac wood, patchouli and amber

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