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Ask a Liberty Expert: The Quick Home Refresh

In-house home expert Laura Gibbins shares the fast switches that will revitalise your interior
By: Kate Przybyla

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By: Kate Przybyla
The Quick Home Refresh
Ask a Liberty Expert

The Quick Home Refresh

In-house home expert Laura Gibbins shares the fast switches that will revitalise your interior

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With the new year comes an opportunity to set your intentions for the next twelve months, and your interior is a great place to start. Fortunately, an effective home refresh can be achieved without a lengthy project. Part of our Ask a Liberty Expert lineup with a wealth of interiors know-how, Laura Gibbins tells us how, sharing her go-to shortcuts for a home update in record time.

As staying in firmly remains the new going out, I have a few simple swaps to completely refresh your homes this new year…

Scent Escapism

“Home fragrance is so easy to switch up. We all have a favourite fragrance to wear, why wouldn’t you want this for your home too? New year is a great time to move away from rich, warming holiday scents to something fresher. Astier de Villatte Anchorage is perfect for this, featuring green woody notes inspired by icy cold air and fresh buds of spring as snow begins to melt. The vessel is handblown glass and is great to reuse as a small planter or makeup brush pot.”

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Desk Notes

“With working from home the new norm, it’s important to make sure this area is both comfortable and motivating to work in. Add personality to these spaces with accessories that are not only functional but bring some sunshine to your day. Bridie Hall’s Alphabet Pen Pots are a staple at Liberty. Why not add some Liberty Print pens in the mix to brighten up your next video call?”

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Art Moment

“Working at Liberty, I am a fan of all things print and a big advocate of mismatched cushions – they can instantly refresh any living room. The key to making it work is to stick to your colour palette and include a variety of textures and some plains to break up print. If you have trouble finding your colours, working from an artwork is a great place to start. Willemien Bardawil's paintings feature whimsical ladies in dreamy colour palettes of sky blues and soft pinks. Pairing this with cushions from Christina Lundsteen and Silken Favours, you’re sure to have a match.”

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Rest your Head

“Your bedroom should always be the ultimate sanctuary and safe space. We have all spent more time in bed than we may like to admit recently, and changing the sheets instantly brings new life to this space. Is there anything better than getting into a fresh set of sheets? Liberty bedding is a total delight to sleep in and features a thread count of 300 which makes it super soft. I like to add some feature pillows – Coco & Wolf's gorgeous frilled edge pillowcases are the perfect addition to any Liberty bedding and while it’s still a bit chilly out, I like to add a throw for some more texture.”

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Need more help with fashion? Our experts Emily, Yolanda, Oliver and Giacomo are on hand to offer bespoke tips and advice. Book in for a complimentary appointment, virtually or in-store.

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