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Read wake up happy with these bedroom ideas

Wake Up Happy in Your Dream Bedroom

Granted we spend most of our time in our bedroom asleep, but you deserve to wake up to things that make you smile. Here’s our very best, happy bedroom ideas
By: Charlotte Olby

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Wake Up Happy in Your Dream Bedroom

Wake Up Happy in Your Dream Bedroom

Granted we spend most of our time in our bedroom asleep, but you deserve to wake up to things that make you smile. Here’s our very best, happy bedroom ideas

By: Charlotte Olby

Being happier at home has never been more important. Studies have shown that our surroundings have a huge effect on how we think and feel, so making positive choices when sourcing bedroom is important to not only bedtime bliss but also morning positivity, too. Shake off lethargy with our conclusive list to the perfect eight hours: luxury bed linens, low lighting, cocooning colours and practising excellent sleep hygiene. Good night!

Mood-Boosting Colour

Calm, relaxing and cocooning are just some of our favourite adjectives to describe a vision for the bedroom. And, without a doubt, your colour choices will greatly influence all of these things. According to the laws of colour theory, certain shades and tones have the ability to make us feel both calm and rested, while others could leave us feeling overstimulated - not so great for sleeping. So, the best place to start is to consider how you want to feel when in your bedroom and use this to create a sleep-inducing space. Soft, muted hues like sage green or dusky pinks and lilacs are tranquil in nature and help to relax our brains, while brighter and deep colours will encourage drive and creativity as you awaken.

Say No to Snoozing

Are you a serial snoozer? Did you know there’s a term for that: drockling. And it’s not very good for you. Confusing your body’s internal clock, making it hard to wake up feeling refreshed so you’re more likely to be groggy and cranky - the opposite of what we’re aiming for here. The good news is that the solution is simple - set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. By doing so, you don’t have to tumble out of bed (and stumble to the kitchen) but can begin your day lying in bed, waking up slowly and hopefully, more happy.

Comfort Is King

When indulging in a lie-in all you want to do is rest easy in a bed that feels both inviting and comfortable - and of course you’ll want to do so in a bedroom that looks beautiful, too. To create a dream sanctuary and maximise on beauty sleep, textiles need to take centre stage. While you know how to make your bed in principle, it is important to put emphasis on what’s on it. Lumpy mattress? Time to upgrade. Competing in a tug-of-war over the covers? Adopt the Scandi ‘two-duvet-one-bed’ system. Look to dress your bed with luxury linens layered with tactile accessories that add depth and interest to your bedscape - and keep you warm through winter. Treat your own bedroom like you would any hotel turndown service and remake the bed each morning, provide water and keep the lighting low by switching on lamps before bedtime.

Practise Good Sleep Hygiene

While it sounds rather like a made up term to encourage washing our face and cleaning teeth more often, sleep hygiene is all about being in the best position to sleep well each and every night. According to The Sleep Foundation, good sleep requires “having both a bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep”. Which all sounds quite vital for our physical and mental health, wouldn’t you agree? To ensure you’re playing by the rules, here’s the key practises to really nailing your eight hours:

  • Lose the tech - out of sight, out of mind!
  • Set a consistent schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day
  • Invest in good blinds
  • Keep your bedroom for just sleeping - not work
  • Dim the lights after dark
  • Drown out noise
  • Invest in your bedtime routine: warm bath, reading, a podcast - whatever works for you
  • Ensure your room is set to a cool temperature
  • Avoid food and drinks that interrupt sleep such as coffee
  • Relaxing Routines

    In order to make sure you’re waking up on the right side of the bed, you first need to make sure you’re sleeping right. Refine your bedtime routine by finding things that relax you, such as perfecting your night-time skincare, allocating time for running a bath or reading by candlelight. To start your day without stress, release any tension immediately by doing light exercise (10 minutes will do) or opt for some breathing exercises, yoga or stretching at sunrise. Investing time in creating daily rituals that help you unwind and live in the moment is the key to finding joy within. If you're looking to not only feel like you're waking up happy and rejuvenated, but look that way too, indulge in a mood-boosting morning energise with MZ Skin's Hydra-Bright Gold Eye Mask 5 Pairs, £75 or whizz an aromatherapy rollerball over your temples for a little lift.

    Make It Personal

    Stamping your personality on a space is a guaranteed way to make you happy, particularly if you fill it with things (and people) you love. Whether that’s family photos, trinkets that make you smile or bringing the outdoors in with houseplants. Consider your own bedside manner and curate a nightstand with items both joyful and functional. If waking up to piles of laundry and mess from the day before makes you feel overwhelmed in the morning, remedy this by taking time before slumber to clean up your bedroom. You’ll be surprised what a quick speed-clean can do to your mindset.

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