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Trend Alert: Welcome to Pearlcore

It is time to get reacquainted with pearls. From timeless classics to colour-infused twists, these are the best pearl jewellery pieces this season.
By: Maddi John

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Trend Alert: The Return of Pearlcore

Trend Alert: The Return of Pearlcore

From timeless classics to colour-infused twists, these are the best pearl jewellery pieces this season

By: Maddi John

The trends of the noughties are having a renaissance right now, with all our favourite nostalgia-inducing styles stepping back into the limelight. And one that has been hitting a particular sweet spot in our jewellery boxes is the return of the pearl. Think way beyond the classic string of pearls we’re used to associating with a more traditional sense of style, to the modern-day creations that elevate the timeless iridescent stone with colourful additions and gold-plated accents. Scroll on to discover our, ahem, pearls of wisdom. You might want to make some space in your jewellery collection.

Everyday Essentials

In the past pearls had a certain country-club connotation about them, but nowadays pearl jewellery has become as approachable as any gemstone in our armoury. When looking for an everyday option, opt for a simple design that can be worn as a layering piece with your go-to stack, like a single pearl hung on a dainty gold chain, gold hoop or twisted band.

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Creative Colourations

You needn't stick to the traditional white colourway. Banking in on colour’s mood-boosting ability, many jewellers are going down the mixed-media approach, finding unique methods to infuse colour into their classic pearl pieces.

Since the rise of DIY jewellery, beaded jewellery has become a powerhouse force in the jewellery realm and is becoming more and more popular when entwined with pearls to create modern-day creations. And that's not all. Gems and precious stones are also making vibrant additions to timeless pearl pieces, allowing you to elevate your jewellery game with an extra dose of elegance.

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Statement Standouts

The need for our style to speak to our individuality is stronger than ever, and when it comes to jewellery, there’s no exception. With expression being at the forefront of fashion, eclectic styles and big statements are all over the jewellery trend board and alternative takes on pearls are climbing to the top. After all, fortune favours the bold. Baroque pearls, hand-crafted creations and gold accented pieces make for exceptional show-stoppers.

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