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Liberty Says Relax Beauty Kit

A Relaxing Beauty Routine Made for You

Sweeter dreams await with the brand new Liberty Says Relax Beauty Kit, now sold out
By: Shannon Peter

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A Relaxing Beauty Routine Made for You

A Relaxing Beauty Routine Made for You

Sweeter dreams await with the brand new Liberty Says Relax Beauty Kit, now sold out

By: Shannon Peter

We’ve long been advocates of reclaiming your (hard-earned) downtime. Of embracing the slow down. Of taking stock. Of resting. And a relaxing beauty routine can act as a segue to a more mellow state of being. That’s why we’ve taken the (ahem) liberty of compiling an effective edit of mood-changing beauty products to help unfurl the brow and lower the shoulders. Introducing… the Liberty Says Relax Beauty Kit, £65.

Containing £315 worth of beauty heroes for just £65, it’s just the thing to help you unwind. Inside you’ll find skincare heroes that’ll help you make the most of that precious beauty sleep, as well as formulas that set the tone for an altogether more peaceful evening. There’s a delicious Bamford bath oil that’ll not only look great nestled among your bathscape, but will also encourage serenity, and a sweet Herlum candle to scent your space. But we have a feeling you’ll be particularly excited about the miniature Liberty print hot water bottle, something you’ll only find in this kit. It’s perfect for tucking under the covers before you climb into bed.

While the kit has now unfortunately sold out, you can still shop the rest of our expert beauty kits and boxes.

Herlum Comfortable Silence Candle 90g

The first step on your journey to utter relaxation is to set the scene, something easily achieved with a suitably relaxing scented candle. This one, by covetable bath and body brand, Herlum, comes laced with grounding notes of sandalwood and black pepper. Light yours by the sink, on the side of the tub, by the sofa, or wherever your relaxing routine begins.

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Liberty Mini Hot Water Bottle in Melantha

Next, it’s time to look out for Future You. Or more specifically, the you that will soon be climbing into a cold and uninviting bed. Instead, fill up this charming miniature hot water bottle, decked in our beloved Melantha print, and pop it under the covers now, so your sheets feel suitably toasty by the time you climb in.

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Baina Sage & Chalk Quill Organic Cotton Face Cloth

Now onto the face. If you haven’t already, take a moment to remove your makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin with the help of Baina’s plush washcloth. It won’t pull, tug or scratch at fragile skin.

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Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon 50ml

Once your face is clean, layer up a generous dollop of this night cream by Dermalogica. Not only will it help reduce signs of fatigue, boost hydration and make skin feel softer, it’ll also help keep you calm throughout the night. The formula contains encapsulated French lavender essential oil; with every toss and turn, the little capsules ‘pop’, releasing regular doses of calm throughout the night.

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil 15ml

Finish your skincare ritual with a few drops of this oil from Sunday Riley. As well as hardworking retinol, the formula contains blue tansy and German chamomile essential oils to help with redness and sensitivity. May you wake up glowing.

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Bamford Rose Bath Oil 250ml

The only thing now standing between you and bedtime? A warm bath. Run yours with a generous glug of Bamford’s Rose Bath Oil. It contains a blend of rose, chamomile and lemon essential oils suspended in sweet almond and apricot oils to soften the skin as you soak.

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Dizziak Body Conditioner 200ml

Trust us, with the right body lotion, applying it really needn’t feel like a chore, and Dizziak’s formula hits the sweet spot. It’s rich and decadent, rehydrating limbs with ease, but it sinks in remarkably fast, so you needn’t worry about your pyjamas sticking to you as you try to put them on.

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111 Skin Cryo De-Puffing Eye Mask

And just before you climb into bed, pop these eye masks on your bedside table. A little cold to the touch, they’ll take down any puffiness or irritation that might be lingering come the morning, helping to relieve tired eyes.

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