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Model with glittery eyeshadow

Night Out Beauty Looks

Unlock winter’s hottest going out makeup ideas, with tips direct from the makeup artist’s kit
By: Kate Przybyla

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By: Kate Przybyla
Night Out Makeup Looks
Winter ’21 Beauty

Night Out Makeup Looks

Unlock winter’s hottest going out makeup ideas, with tips direct from the makeup artist’s kit

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Party season. It’s a time to break from the ordinary and, in makeup terms, anything goes. Metallics, saturated pigments and bold shapes are your hot ticket, keeping the spirit of play front and centre – and as present in your look as your after-hours plans. Giving you access to her inside know-how, makeup artist Siddhartha Simone opens her personal tool kit with the night out makeup looks that will take you into morning.

True Blue

For this look, it helps to pre-draw the shape first with a similar coloured pencil and softly blend the edges. Then go over the pencil with the eyeshadow to ‘set’ the shape. It also makes the colour pop more.

Heavy Smoke

For this smokey eye, pre-draw the rough shape you want to achieve with a black kohl pencil. It doesn’t have to be classic and rounded, it can be wider or straightened out. Softly blend the edges, and go over it with black eyeshadow to set, blending out with a clean brush to keep the effect soft.


For a creamier foiled effect, scrape some eyeshadow out and mix it with clear lipgloss. Since it’s sticky, you can add some loose glitter on the inner and outer corners to make it look even more sparkly.

Gold Dust

To intensify this metallic from the palette, spray some water on it. This way the metallics pop even more and you can create a stronger shape.

Hollywood Wing

This classic wing looks different on every eye. To create a liner that works with your eye shape, look straight into the mirror while sketching the shape with a pencil, then fine-tune with liquid liner. Try to draw it on with your eyes open – when you close your eyes, you don’t see how the liner will end up.


To create a beautiful, sculpted lip, pre-draw the lip line with a nude pencil slightly darker than your skin tone, softly blending the edges in. Go over the outer liner with a darker nude lip colour and blend again. Repeat with an even darker pencil, blending only slightly for a deep gradient effect.

Silver Screen

Silver and red are an amazing combo. Try to experiment with the perfect red pout and the more roughly painterly eye with a greasepaint.

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