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The physician and professor smooths over the science of anti-ageing
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On The Cell: Augustinus Bader On The Cell: Augustinus Bader

On The Cell: Augustinus Bader

The physician and professor smooths over the science of anti-ageing
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Augustinus Bader
On The Cell

Augustinus Bader

The physician and professor smooths over the science of anti-ageing

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What started as a pharmaceutical scar healing treatment is now a cult anti-ageing formula, considered the most transformative ever to hit the beauty circuit. Harnessing skin’s innate stem cell repair function, Augustinus Bader’s revolutionary technology – applied to a range of creams for face and body – yields tangible results, regardless of age, skin type or concern. Here, the brains behind the beauty, Professor Augustinus Bader himself, enlightens us on the science of ageing and repair – and demystifies the chemistry behind his products.

What was it that drew you to the world of skin care?

Several years ago, I developed a medical-grade hydrogel to treat children with severe burns but was finding it challenging to secure grants to fund the clinical testing required to bring it to the market. At that point, I met the brand’s co-founder, Charles Rosier, who had the vision to apply the technology to skin care consumer products to help fund more trials. He thought that if the technology could turn burned skin into perfect skin, then a variant could probably help with wrinkles, too. It took two years of convincing – but after realising that the cream was giving people confidence and happiness, I agreed to adapt the technology to create a product for every day.

How does stem cell repair work? Is it the key to anti-ageing?

Stem cells act in a coordinated way. Imagine them as conductors of an orchestra who interact, respond, and direct to achieve a fully controlled and highest quality of result. Your own stem cells are programmed to achieve the best possible skin for you; however, they need to have the appropriate team members within specific microenvironments to be able to do this optimally. So, in our concept, we intend to repair the stem cell microenvironment to allow your own skin stem cells to only be at their best.

How do The Cream and The Rich Cream so innovatively streamline the typical skin care routine?

Because, with the ability to support your skin to fix itself, the formulas target a multitude of skin issues. They work in a targeted manner to integrate the skin physiology of the user. By using the skin as a natural bioreactor, the creams become uniquely personalised to the needs of the individual and achieving the best possible result for all skin types. It's all about empowering your cells to do that perfect regeneration they are capable of.

What is The ABC Method?

It’s a discovery of the three functions that need to happen simultaneously for your body to heal itself. The three pillars are Activate, Boost and Commit. Activation occurs naturally as a result of trauma (sunburn, environmental aggressors, injury, inflammation, etc.) and skin ageing. The Boost function enhances the body's regenerative capacity. And since our cells are pre-programmed for a specific function, Commit refers to that tissue-specific function.

What visible benefits can we expect to see from using your products?

The formula is a toolbox that provides skin – and its stem cells – with everything it needs to fix problems, whether that’s age-related or from something external, like pollution. Where some moisturisers simply do their job on the spot, this one works to train skin long-term. After three to four weeks of using one of our formulas – and that formula only – after cleansing, you'll see a big difference in skin quality and health.

What is your take on scientific vs. natural cosmetics?

The role of science is to learn from and support what nature has developed for us. Augustinus Bader skin care is clean science. We integrate cutting-edge science into skin care products that are organic, natural and simple to use. They use the highest quality ingredients – high potency botanicals and clean actives that complement our proprietary TFC8® and work synergistically with each ingredient to enhance its performance. Our products are 100% free of parabens, fragrance, SLS, SLES, and DEA, and are cruelty free.

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