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Selection of luxury beauty gifts available at Liberty

Beauty Gifts That'll Guarantee Christmas Shopping Success

Nobody turns their nose up at an indulgent beauty-based gift, so make our beauty hall the first port-of-call on your Christmas shopping mission
By: Shannon Peter

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Beauty Gifts to Guarantee Christmas Shopping Success

Beauty Gifts to Guarantee Christmas Shopping Success

Nobody turns their nose up at an indulgent beauty-based gift, so make our beauty hall the first port-of-call on your Christmas shopping mission

By: Shannon Peter

Take it from us, there’s nothing they’d like more this Christmas than something from our beauty hall. You see, the best beauty gifts offer more than just the object itself – they offer an escape, a chance to set aside some much-needed me-time or an opportunity to let their mind wander to a calmer, more joyful state. It’s true whether it’s scented candle, a luxury moisturiser or a lavender-laced pillow spray. But which precious product will they like the most? We have a few ideas…

The Gift of Relaxation

Liberty Hazy Days Scented Candle, £52

For the friend that finds it hard to switch off, give them an instant segue into a calmer state, courtesy of Hazy Days, one of our newest scented candles. If the gentle flicker of the flame doesn’t unfurl their brow and lower their shoulders, the ensuing scent of rich cedar leaf and zingy citrus peel will.

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The Gift of Energised Mornings

Necessaire The Body Wash Eucalyptus, £25

If they struggle to wake up in the mornings, make peeling their head off the pillow all the more enjoyable with Necessaire’s energising body wash. It has a gentle cleansing action to rinse skin without stripping it of moisture, while the bracing scent of eucalyptus is bound to rouse even the weariest of spirits.

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The Gift of Glow

Jones Road Miracle Balm, £36

Any beauty lover will be thankful to have this skin tint in their box of beauty tricks. The handiwork of legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown – and a recent inductee to our Beauty Hall of Fame – it's a kind of bronzer/blusher hybrid that can be used all over the cheeks, eyes and lips to add a healthy flush and soft-focus glow. They'll love it, but you should probably buy yourself one, too.

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The Gift of Beauty Sleep

Liberty Christmas Sleep Kit, £60

They'll be particularly grateful for this: a kit that contains all they could need to encourage a good night's sleep. First, they can create a snooze-inducing environment with a lavender-scented candle from Neom, as well as Ren's cult pillow spray. Beyond that, there are heroes to boost their night time skincare routine, and a bath soak from Soapsmith to help ease tension pre-bed. It's, quite literally, the dream.

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The Gift of Good Hair

Dizziak Deep Conditioner, £22

With the ability to bring damaged hair back from the brink, Dizziak’s cult conditioner is loved by beauty experts industry-wide. It contains a decadent blend of plant oils and botanicals to drench hair in moisture and can be used in lieu of regular conditioner, or even as a weekly ten-minute mask.

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The Gift of Sophistication

Vilhelm Parfumerie Morning Chess 100ml, £185

If he wants a new scent but won’t trawl the shelves himself, this universally-adored fragrance from Vilhelm Parfumerie is a foolproof solution. It’s rich and dark (thanks to leather and amber) but not in the slightest bit cloying. Expect to see it atop their list for next year too.

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The Gift of Getting Ready

Liberty The Get Ready with Me Starter Pack, £100

Curated by our Global Head of Content and resident beauty pro, Sophie Beresiner, this Liberty beauty kit contains everything you need to get ready, for whatever the day (or night) has in store for you. Worth £365, highlights of this expert-approved edit of beauty heroes include the lipstick that works for lips, cheeks and eyes, as well as a handy handbag-sized hair duo to anchor flyaways.

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The Gift of Candlelit Skin

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Tiger, £78

Just watch their eyes light up as they unwrap one of Hourglass' new palettes. A delicious edit of glow-giving powders, this one, housed in a limited edition compact designed by London-based artist Katie Scott, features rich, bronze shades to add warmth and dimension to the face. You know when make-up artists talk about that lit-from-within skin? This is the kind of product that'll help you (or them) achieve exactly that.

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The Gift of Elevated Rituals

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, £31

Aesop’s hand soap is the kind they’ll be thrilled to show off in a guest bathroom, but do urge them to save it for themselves; they certainly deserve it. This formula, laced with a herbaceous, spa-like scent, smells woody and leaves hands gleaming.

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The Gift of Greater Grooming

Liberty Men’s Advent Calendar, £235

You need not wait until the big day to show how much they mean to you. Instead, give them something special to open every single day, courtesy of our iconic Men's Advent Calendar, 25 drawers of top grooming heroes from our beauty hall and beyond.

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The Gift of a Scented New Year

Liberty 12 Days of Fragrance Calendar, £275

By the time they've opened all the drawers to their Beauty Advent Calendar, they'll want a new reason to countdown. Let this – Liberty's 12 Days of Fragrance Calendar – be it. A rather sweet-smelling way to see in the New Year, the calendar contains 12 fragrance hall heroes, from cult classics to new, niche brands. They're bound to find their new signature in one of these drawers.

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The Gift of Great Scent

Le Labo Thé Matcha 26 Eau de Parfum, £216

You're lucky this one is in stock. You see, ever since Le Labo's Thé Matcha 26 first launched, it's been particularly hard to get a hold of a bottle. It's easy to see (or rather, smell) why. This perfume is light and creamy and feels quite literally like curling up on the sofa with a steaming cup of tea, a comforting scent that feels just right for now. If you think they'll like it, be sure to get this one before it's gone – again.

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The Gift of Good Sleep

OTO 20% CBD Pillow Mist 8ml, £79

It's quite remarkable just how much something as seemingly simple as a pillow spray can help you get a good night's sleep, but OTO's really does work. It contains a heady blend of lavender, chamomile and vetiver to nudge the mind into slumber mode at record speed. An insomniac’s dream.

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The Gift of Ambience

Loewe Large Coriander Candle, £232

You’ll struggle to find anyone whose eyes don’t light up at the prospect of receiving one of Loewe’s hefty scented candles. This one, powered by the herbaceous scent of fresh coriander, is the type that can be lit in any room of the house, creating instant atmosphere in the living room, or perfectly accompanying the stove smells of the kitchen.

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The Gift of Fresh Clothes

Diptyque Ceramic Scented Oval, £36

A surprising token of affection for the perennial host in your life, this clever ceramic ornament comes laced in cedarwood and lavender, perfect for hanging in a coat closet or popping in a drawer where it’ll scent everything else that resides there.

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The Gift of a Metaphorical Escape

D.S. & Durga Jazmin Yucatan 50ml, £148

We all know someone who seems to spends the vast proportion of their year on holiday, and this scent will help them continue that vacation vibe the whole year round. Reminiscent of the dense, lush vegetation of the Mexican jungle, it’s transportative in all the right ways.

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The Gift of Stronger Skin

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, £135

Trust us: they’ve been wanting to try this moisturiser for a while now, so why not act as their luxury skincare enabler? The formula is rooted in stem cell science and holds the power to speed up skin’s natural healing processes, fortifying its barrier and improving its radiance in the process.

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The Gift of an Instant Eye Look

Liberty Beauty Makeup Cracker, £14

The dream stocking-filler for any makeup obsessive, this one contains a miniature version of Bobbi Brown's iconic Smokey Eye Mascara as well as an Eye Pod, the cream-to-powder eyeshadow from Westman Atelier. Just the look they'll need for New Years Eve.

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