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Liberty Answers: How to Change your Style

How to Change Your Style

Uninspired by your wardrobe? Here’s how to evolve your dress sense into something that’s more you
By: George Elliot

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How to Change Your Style

How to Change Your Style

Uninspired by your wardrobe? Here’s how to evolve your dress sense into something that’s more you

By: George Elliot

Far from frivolous, we mustn't understate the importance of fashion. After all, what we wear reflects who we are, and in some cases, who we want to be. But if recently you’ve been left uninspired by what your wardrobe holds, if the outfits you once loved no longer look or feel quite right, consider it time to learn how to change your style. Whether you want to adopt a maximalist mindset, switch things up streetwear style, or perfect the art of casual dressing, follow these three steps to hit the wardrobe reset button.

Pin Down Your New Style

Determining the style you want to embrace is the first item on your agenda. You could trawl the internet in hope that something trending jumps from the page, like slick women’s tailoring or the rise of 90s minimalism, but social media gives us access to a global network of tastemakers with just a tap of the finger, so make Instagram and TikTok your go-to search engines. To get the most out of them, follow the below, saving and screenshotting images as you go:

1. Set aside some time each day to scroll through fashion accounts. In other words, if there are brands, stylists, influencers and tastemakers whose taste you admire, give them a follow.

2. Start searching hashtags like #OOTD (outfit of the day), #LFW (London Fashion Week), #MyLibertyLook, #WardrobeStylist and #StreetStyle for general inspiration and to widen your radar.

3. Once you’ve honed in on a specific style, learn its lingo so you can make more nuanced searches; doing so will reap more interesting results, introduce you to true masters of the look and might even unearth entire accounts dedicated to a single aesthetic.

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Develop a Digital Moodboard

With your head now buzzing with inspiration, you’ll want somewhere to store all your screenshots. Curate a moodboard that’ll help you hone in on the style you want and eventually guide you towards making the right purchases – more on that later. This can be as simple as creating a dedicated photo album on your phone but as an intelligent platform that recommends similar imagery based on what you like, Pinterest will quickly help you visualise an end result. Create and name your board, upload what you’ve already got and then ‘pin’ any images – from vintage clippings to fresh-from-the-runway photographs – that fit your vision. The more you add, the more accurate Pinterest’s recommendations will become.

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Build Up Your Wardrobe

With your moodboard-cum-lookbook quite literally in the palm of your hand, now’s the time to reflect on what makes it distinct. To help you on your way, think about:

1. List out any staple items of clothing that appear again and again, perhaps a biker jacket or flared jeans? These will be the foundation pieces that later underpin your new wardrobe.

2. Scan over your moodboard to pick out any standout accessories. These can make all the difference, so consider no detail too small.

3. Fit is another fundamental to nail. For example, is your style going to be all about impeccably tailored elements or oversized silhouettes?

4. Aside from what’s being worn, ask yourself how each piece is being worn as a styling is an artform in itself.

If you can answer the above, you’ll now know which pieces deserve a place in your new wardrobe. But don’t fall into the trap of going on a bulk buying spree; like most things that you’re trying out for the first time, ease yourself into this new aesthetic by making considered purchases and trying before buying whenever possible. And ultimately, always remember to have your digital moodboard to hand whenever shopping and getting ready in the morning; the last thing you want to do is stray from your style and undo all your hard work.

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