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How to Upcycle Your Beauty Empties

Drive your waste count closer to zero with repurposed packaging to inspire imagination
By: Sarah Dancer

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By: Sarah Dancer
Upcycle Your Empties
How to

Upcycle Your Empties

Drive your waste count closer to zero with repurposed packaging to inspire imagination

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Packaging – it’s a problem. And in no industry does this ring truer than beauty, where the prettiest packages tempt us to consume even more. Here, we get creative with the most interior-friendly beauty empties, to inspire a crack-down on single-use packaging – and simultaneously, elevate your décor.

Candle jars as pen pots…

When your beloved Baies candle has burned its last note, it needn’t spell the end. Diptyque’s iconic glass jars are more than just for show – fill yours with hair accessories and beauty tools to pay homage to your favourite fragrance house, whilst bringing order to your dressing table.

Tip: Scoop out all of the wax you can, then fill the glass with hot (not boiling) water to melt away the excess.

Hair care tubs as planters…

Pass the torch from one root to the next by recruiting empty Davines tubs as homes for your plants. A creative hack adopted by the brand’s global hair salons, it saves purchasing new plastic plant pots – a win-win idea that’ll brighten up your shelf of choice.

Tip: Opt for plants that prefer dry soil such as succulents and cacti, or add a layer of pebbles to the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Glass skin care bottles as vases…

Skin isn’t where the journey ends for Seed to Skin’s green apothecary bottles. Born for a place on your bedside table, they act beautifully as vases for freshly-cut stems, or as permanent homes for dried flowers. The effect is surprisingly easy on the eye – and game-changing for the interior.

Tip: Keep the metal caps – they’re built to last, and could come in handy for future hair and body care storage.

Perfume boxes as jewellery storage…

Give a second life to that iconic perfume packaging you’ve been loathed to throw away. Acqua di Parma’s sturdy plinth-shaped coffrets are perfect for repurposing as table centre vessels, jewellery keepsake boxes or paintbrush pots, made extra special by the lauded fragrance house’s beautiful heritage branding.

Tip: Fill the base with an abundance of flowers for a colourful table centre. Or, for jewellery storage, experiment with simple cardboard structures to ensure a safe, snug fit.

Skin care jars as spice pots…

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s knack for regeneration knows no end – showing face outside of your anti-ageing ritual, the brand’s weighty glass bottles and jars are just too good to lose. From small houseplants, single cut flowers and pot pourri to jewellery and homemade candles, they’ll house just about anything – collect enough and inspire an organisational overhaul for spices, or keep them on the counter to preserve fresh herbs.

Tip: The plain white lids are perfect for labelling – inscribe them on the top or side for pristinely catalogued seasonings.

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