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The Best Home Fragrance for Every Room

It has the power to lift the spirit and settle the mind, but what’s the best way to use home fragrance to set the mood? We asked the experts to walk us through, room by room.
By: Hannah Swerling

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By: Hannah Swerling
The Best Home Fragrance for Every Room

The Best Home Fragrance for Every Room

It has the power to lift the spirit and settle the mind, but what’s the best way to use home fragrance to set the mood? We asked the experts

By: Hannah Swerling

You already know, first-hand, the power of scent. How the bright, herbaceous scent of a spa makes your shoulders instantly drop, or how the warm, sweet smell of a bakery can instantly spark a smile. But are you utilising its mood-shifting powers in the most important space of all – the home – with the help of the best home fragrances around?

“Scent is the first thing we notice when we walk into any space,” says Nicola Elliot, founder and creative director of NEOM Organics. “It’s incredible how essential oils are able to help us to feel more relaxed or happier.” Diptyque's Amanda Morgan agrees: “Scenting a room or space completely changes the atmosphere. It's similar to how you would choose lighting, music or decorations; a beautiful home fragrance can set the scene in the home and is another crucial element of the sensory experience.”

It's so much more than learning how to make your house smell nice, but how are the sensory powers of the best home fragrances best employed? That depends on the room in question. We asked the experts to take us on a tour of the house...

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The Hallway

According to Morgan, for instant results, the best home fragrance would be a room spray, ideal for hallways and passages as they instantly create a welcoming atmosphere. For comparison, the fragrance of even the best scented candles only emerges after 30 mins of burning. “The freshness of the Diptyque Figuier and Tubéreuse Room Sprays, each nuanced with fruity notes, are great choices for welcoming guests in hallways,” says Morgan.

Boot rooms, coat racks and closet spaces can all be refreshed with the help of a home fragrance too. Try hanging a Diptyque Scented Oval on a hook to subtly scent your guests jackets.

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The Living Room

Whether it’s mid-morning tea breaks, cosy Sunday afternoons on the sofa or entertaining of an evening, the living room plays many roles, each one requiring a different scent mood, and therefore a different home fragrance. “For living spaces, it depends on the time of day,” says Elliot. “Fresh and fruity fragrances are ideal for mornings or for beating that afternoon slump, whereas richer scents like frankincense, rosewood and cedarwood are best for Friday nights with a glass of wine.”

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The Bedroom

The inner sanctum, the bedroom is a room best preserved for total relaxation, and picking only the best home fragrances can help get you there. “The bedroom is a place of rest and tranquillity so you may want to choose a scent that helps you to relax,” says Morgan. “The Diptyque Roses Candle is like a freshly picked bouquet to help ease stress. The Feuille de Lavande Candle is ideal for helping you unwind. And for a more romantic setting, the scent of the Jasmine Candle is sensual and voluptuous.” Be sure, also, to pick out a lavender-laced pillow spray and apply generously as your last step in making the bed.

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The Bathroom

Spaces made for self-care, you want the bathroom to feel both comforting and uplifting, which in fragrance terms means leaning on the freshest notes you can find. “In the bathroom, I like zesty and fresh scents like pine or eucalyptus,” says Elliot. Candles are great for when you’re spending a fair amount of time in the room, perhaps during a long soak in the tub, but for a continuous stream of scent, try a diffuser like NEOM’s Feel Refreshed Reed Diffuser.

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A Workspace

Wherever you’ve set up (home) office, be it a dedicated study or corner of the kitchen table, a well-selected home fragrance can help you stay focussed on the task at hand. “The invigorating aroma of citrus notes focuses concentration and enhances productivity,” says Morgan. Elliot agrees. “I like uplifting and invigorating scents so I would opt for lemon, mandarin or grapefruit.” Try NEOM's Happiness Scented Candle or Scent to Boost Your Energy Essential Oil Blend.

Also consider your scent method. “Immediate surroundings such as a workspace will benefit more from a slow and gentle diffusion method,” says Morgan. “The Diptyque Hourglass diffuser was designed to fragrance cosy spaces, delivering scent in a delicate way.”

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