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The indiscriminate scents that appeal to all sexes

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The age of heady men’s cologne and flowery feminine scents is behind us – and the rise of gender-neutral perfume is proving just why. As universal notes serve as base for the likes of D.S. & Durga and Le Labo, it seems today, the sex factor simply doesn’t factor. We’re putting an end to the “sugar and spice” stereotypes, showing you just why men’s and women’s scents don’t have to be different types.

1 / Escentric Molecules
Molecule 01

A shapeshifting scent that adapts to your own pheromones, the reason for Molecule 01’s iconic status is exactly why it makes perfect sense as a suits-all fragrance.
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2 / D.S. & Durga

Breaking the saccharine image of fruity fragrance, Debaser gets its unisex appeal from green, woody notes, giving a rounded finish to a sun-drenched fig heart.
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3 / Byredo
Velvet Haze

Shrouded in patchouli, musk and cacao, this intimate ode to the psychedelic era uses gender-neutral notes to conjure a mood of free-spirited togetherness.
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4 / Comme des Garçons

Incense and sweet tonka lift typically masculine notes into new territory. A perfume with more to give than the savoury black pepper dominant on contact.
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5 / Le Labo
Santal 33

A balancing act of warm woods and powdery florals helps this cult classic tread the line between masculine and feminine. Memorable, impactful, yet all about its subtleties.
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6 / Laboratory Perfumes

The beauty of this scent lies in its multi-layered reveal, designed to unravel hour-after-hour, as unisex spice and grassiness give way to the rich warmth of ambergris.
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7 / Creed
Royal Water

Bright, elegant, and never predictable, this herbal-spiked citrus owes its complexity to peppermint freshness and an unexpected burst of cumin seed.
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