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What to wear on Christmas Day

What to Wear on Christmas Day

It may occur only once a year but if you’re worried about dressing for the occasion, look to Team Liberty for a little sartorial guidance
By: George Elliot

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What to Wear on Christmas Day

What to Wear on Christmas Day

It may occur only once a year but if you’re worried about dressing for the occasion, look to Team Liberty for a little sartorial guidance

By: George Elliot

If there’s one topic that’s dominating conversation over in Liberty HQ it’s this: what to wear on Christmas Day. Do you make the 25th all about uninterrupted relaxation, lounging the day away in a laid-back outfit that’ll let you drift from sofa to dinner table in complete comfort? Perhaps being kitchen-appropriate (no wafty sleeves) is something you have to consider? Or maybe you live for the glamour and see Christmas Day as the ultimate opportunity to dress to the nines? Let some of Liberty’s resident pros provide you with the inspiration you seek…

Mwaka Kalawo
Digital Marketing Manager

Christmas Day is such an important time for my family and I as it’s one of the very few moments we’re all able to get together, so I always like to mark the occasion with a pretty spectacular outfit (think: sequins, fur and feathers, gold, rich reds, artistic prints and plenty of jewellery). Always offering this kind of drama and opulence is RIXO, one of my favourite British brands. Better still, I find that their dresses are as comfortable to wear as they are eye-catching - just what’s needed for a day of feasting, partying and being merry!

Top tip: my one piece of advice is to live by the-bolder-the-better mantra. From what you wear to your makeup and hair, know that on Christmas Day, there’s no such thing as ‘too much’.

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Rob Bilbao
Buying Product Information Coordinator

While I always start off wearing my favourite pyjamas, a glass of fizz in hand, I love the entire ritual of getting dressed-up for Christmas Day, swanning around the house in a new outfit, like Joan Collins in Dynasty. For me, it’s important that my outfit strikes a balance between cosy and chic, so I’ll combine soft textures, like a plush knit and cord trousers with vibrant pops of colour, the kind that Liberty scarves come drenched in. The result: an outfit that feels like a warming hug (perfect for a post-dinner nap) yet still packs plenty of impact, drama and zhuzh.

Top tip: Opt for an outfit that’ll make you look stunning and that will let you fill yourself with food without having to undo a button on your trousers. And if you choose to wear accessories, really go for it! Christmas Day is a time to sparkle and have fun, after all.

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Harpreet Chohan-Basra
Head of Marketing Communications and Planning

I’m a dedicated member of Team Dress Up on Christmas Day, and throughout the whole festive season for that matter, because if you can’t go all-out then, when can you? For me, it’s all about giving the 25th a real sense of occasion. That’s why I’ll be wearing Beare Park. I’m a little obsessed with the brand and its effortless silhouettes. The lamé top drapes beautifully over the body and screams Christmas. As for the skirt, it’s elegant and comes with an elasticated waistband – a feast-friendly detail.

Top tip: Be sure to invest in timeless pieces you can wear on repeat this festive season and the next, but most importantly, wear something that makes you feel happy (if you want to throw on some tinsel, do it!)

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George Elliot
Junior Fashion Writer

In my mind, what you wear on Christmas Day requires just as much planning and preparation as what you cook because A) you look forward to it every year, meaning a suitably special outfit is in order, and B) if you’re the designated cook like me, you’ll need to balance style with practicality. That’s where a Liberty shirt comes in. When you’re at the stove, just roll up your sleeves and tie on your apron, and then when you’re able to join the festivites, slip into a tonal blazer and accessorise with silk neck scarf to take it from pantry to party.

Top tip: Think of a Christmas Day outfit as a multi-sensory experience for both you and others. In other words, when you’ve decided what to wear, elevate your look with a sophisticated fragrance that’ll make your presence in a room known.

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