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Jewellery: the Art of Stacking

Our designer-led guide to layering jewellery for extra impact
By: Kate Przybyla

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By: Kate Przybyla
The Art of Stacking

The Art of Stacking

Our designer-led guide to layering jewellery for extra impact

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Layering jewellery isn’t always intuitive and yet, when it’s done right, a well-curated stack can make your look. From adding interest to a neckline, or injecting personality into wardrobe staples, necklaces, rings and earrings take on a whole new mood when you mix and match. We asked our jewellery designers for their top tips on mastering the art of jewellery stacking.

RINGS | Astley Clarke

“When it comes to ring stacking, a ‘more is more’ approach never fails. For instant impact, mix different textures or rings with intricate detailing with vibrant gemstones and contemporary diamonds, to achieve a bold yet relaxed aesthetic every time."

"When wearing multiple rings on one finger, select silhouettes that sit flush against each other, like eternity rings or rings with raised gemstones. If you prefer to wear your rings across the entire hand, experiment with more statement pieces, like wearing a vibrant slice of malachite or show-stopping diamond alongside an eye-catching signet ring. An easy-going approach ensures an effortlessly impactful ring stack, so pile them high and enjoy the radiant results.”

NECKLACES | Monica Vinader

"Three seems to be the magic number in necklace layering, but even two can create a fresh look. The key is choosing the right length. 18 inch necklaces sit close to the collar bones and create your base.”

“Playing with weight can really bring your look up to date. Right now, we are loving chunkier chain layering – we mix Alta Capture and Mini Link to update our game. Adding a fine chain to two heavier chains can tone it down slightly if it all feels too bold. Try a beaded chain – the juxtaposition of texture can bring a necklace stack to life.”

“Pendants add a new element to the stacking silhouette to keep the layer a bit more interesting. Modern day pearls, engravable discs, vintage inspired coins. Don’t just add pendants to fine chains, multiple pendants added asymmetrically on a thicker link chain create a striking, personalised look.”

EARRINGS | Dinny Hall

“These days, I design earrings for wearing two or three at a time in the same ear. I love the way you can then curate yourself, day into night, summer or autumn. Start with a hoop or a drop earring, with the largest in your first earlobe piercing, then play from there”.

“Styling your earrings with asymmetry is really great. I prefer what I call asymmetrical symmetry - in other words, pair some earrings and not others. Be prepared to plan your earring curation and use your creativity. If you are brave enough, mix metals, otherwise stick to one metal colour.”

“Just be careful of overcrowding your jewellery, it’s not only hard to keep clean but means that you may not appreciate each earring design.”

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