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Olverum body creams and oils

How to Build an Effective Winter Bodycare Routine

Seek solace in Liberty’s guide to maintaining comfortable, glowing skin
By: Laura Kennedy

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How to Build an Effective Bodycare Routine

How to Build an Effective Bodycare Routine

Seek solace in Liberty’s guide to maintaining comfortable, glowing skin, whatever the weather

By: Laura Kennedy

On the average winter day, it can be easy to forget that we have skin in need of care underneath all those warm layers. Cocooned in soft knits and buttery leather boots on our annual mission to maximise winter snugness, we can lose touch with our skin. We ask a lot of it, subjecting it to everything from gruelling, sweaty workouts and fabric friction to the temperature fluctuation of chilly streets and heated offices. Without a winter skincare routine, the result is tight, flaky, and itchy skin that feels uncomfortable and looks dull or irritated. This is easily preventable with a good bodycare routine and the right products. Here’s everything you need to know to build a winter skincare routine for your skin type, the Liberty way.

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The Cleanser

Korres Forest Cedar Shower Gel 250ml, £14

On a dark morning, something aromatic helps to enliven us and get us ready for the day, but skin health always comes first. This naturally scented and nourishing formula combines skin-loving ingredients, including aloe, wheat proteins and sage extract. Skin is perfectly cleansed and prepped for skincare.

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The Hydrator

Necessaire The Body Serum Fragrance-Free, £46

We’re all familiar with the hydrating miracles that hyaluronic acid can perform. It absorbs instantly into the skin, providing immediate hydration and relief during the cold winter months. This unscented body serum gives winter skin a tremendous hydration boost resulting in glowier, more comfortable skin.

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The Moisturiser

Dizziak Body Conditioner 200ml, £20

If you are prone to dry or flaking skin, a great moisturiser will help boost your skin’s barrier function, preventing transepidermal water loss and keeping moisture in the skin. Perfect for dryer skin types, this rich, buttery body cream is packed with nourishing ingredients like inca inchi oil and shea butter for intense, lasting moisturisation.

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The Handcare Hero

Korres White Pine Age Defy Hand Concentrate 50ml, £22

Unfortunately, hands are one of the most forgotten-about steps in the bodycare routine, so it's always best to carry one tucked away in your bag and on your bedside table. This hydrating hand concentrate from Korres contains many nourishing ingredients, including shea butter, lactic acid, honeysuckle extract, olive Fruit Oil and citric acid, leaving them smooth, plumped and rejuvenated. Apply as needed and before bed.

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The Exfoliator

Olverum Body Polish 200ml, £42

If your skin is oily, a scrub twice weekly will help prevent congestion and keep things in tip top condition. If you’re on the dry end of the spectrum, a scrub once a week will prevent dullness and maximise the efficacy of your other skincare. This is the perfect winter scrub – formulated with fermented papaya enzyme that gently breaks down dead skin cells which allows cleansing hyrdoclay to lift and eliminate deep-set impurities.

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The Foot Cream

Aveda Foot Relief, £25

Every spring we attempt to put neglected feet into open-toed shoes and despair. By maintaining moisturised, comforted skin through the winter, you ensure crack- and callous-free, sandal-ready feet when the time comes. Enriched with lavender, castor and jojoba oils, this softening and deodorising cream will keep feet at their best. Just massage it in before going to bed a couple of nights a week so that it can work its magic as you sleep.

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The Oil

Olverum The Dry Body Oil 100ml, £44.50

Some people love to use a body oil daily for the pretty gloss it gives the skin, and for their intensive moisturising power. This dry oil is supremely comforting, bolstering your skin’s natural barrier and keeping it supple and soft. To stave off flakiness and tightness, use a good body oil like this one in place of a serum and moisturiser at least weekly. If you find oil a faff to apply, try massaging it into wet skin in the shower after washing, then towel off as usual when you emerge. Your oil will go further, and you’ll be left with intensely moisturised skin rather than any residue.

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