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what to pack for the perfect Liberty picnic

Everything You Need for the Perfect Picnic

Tablescaping needn’t be confined to the table. Here’s our carefully curated packing list and styling ideas to help you host the perfect picnic this summer.
By: Charlotte Pavitt

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Everything You Need for the Perfect Picnic

Everything You Need for the Perfect Picnic

Tablescaping needn’t be confined to the table. Here’s our carefully curated packing list and styling ideas to help you host the perfect picnic this summer.

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By: Charlotte Pavitt

An ode to the moveable feast. Whether you’re at the beach, the park or even your back garden, a picnic can easily be one of the most enjoyable ways to eat out in the summer months - you just need to be organised. If you’re looking to up your picnic ante and create a sophisticated setting, you’re going to need a few ideas to curate the perfect picnic-scape. So what do you actually need in your picnic arsenal? Playlist, drinks, flowers and fairy-lights aside - here’s the Liberty picnic packing list to get you ready for sunnier days ahead.


The Picnic Basket

Coco & Wolf, Clementina Rectangle Wicker Picnic Basket, £159

A stand-out essential for mastering the art of picnicking is, of course, a basket, tote bag or backpack - non-negotiables when it comes to transporting your spread. Coco & Wolf’s Rectangle Wicker Basket, £159 is complete with Liberty’s Clementina print to enhance your outdoor experience, and can work double duty as a pretty centrepiece (especially when filled with fresh blooms). If you’re after a does-it-all hamper without the faff, Liberty’s Tresco Wicker Picnic Hamper, £170 comes complete with boozy bottled delights.

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Roll Out The Rug

Society of Wanderers Floss Check Tablecloth, £115

Those long-overdue, alfresco catch-ups with friends wouldn’t be complete without an insta-worthy backdrop. To start, decide on a loose colour palette for your linens, factoring in cutlery and dinnerware. You could let vibrant glassware shine with a plain tablecloth, or do it The Liberty Way and lean into a homespun, Cottagecore way of life with a Society of Wanderers Check Tablecloth, £115 as your rug - and clash with some floral napkins.

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Bounce-proof Tableware

Bornn Colorama Small Plate, £16

Enamel is the grown-up’s version of plastic tableware. It’s durable, fun to look at and serves a purpose. Look to Bornn and Falcon for mood-enhancing enamelware like this red Enamel Tumbler, £7 to accompany your favourite tipple, kept cool in a Partners In Wine Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Bottle, £35, naturally. If you’re brave enough, mix and match your favourite plates and glassware from around your house to create a more personal, eclectic feel (so long as you can carry them).

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Set The ‘Table’

Hay Glass Spoons Twist Set Of Two, £35

No tablescape (indoor or outdoor) is complete without cutlery. Whether you go eco-friendly with wood, simply grab a handful out the drawer from home or add a decorative twist like Hay’s Glass Spoons, £35, you’re going to need utensils for your ‘table’ settings. This is your moment to create a real sense of occasion with even the most seemingly mundane of items.

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Mood-Boosting Linens

Coco & Wolf Betsy and Thorpe Stitch Edge Napkins Set of Two, £35

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns or contrasting colours with your linens. Your wardrobe sparks joy and so should your table! Print and mood-enhancing colour is the perfect way to welcome your guests to a picnic party. Coco & Wolf’s Liberty print Betsy and Thorpe Stitch Edge Napkins Set of Two, £35 will inject some British Summertime feels into your arrangements, for a picnic that’s brimming with personality.

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Bring Your Best

Vaisselle Hot Cakes Cake Stand, £70

When outdoor entertaining, you would be forgiven for assuming that this is not a space for your ‘best’ crockery. However, what's to really stop you from bringing along some home comforts and truly making the most of dining outdoors with your loved ones? Make your throw-on-the-floor feel a little more like a dining table with serving platters filled with sandwiches or a Hot Cakes Cake Stand, £70 from Vaisselle to showcase a berry-laden pavlova.

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Comfort Is Key

Ceraudo Dolce Dots Roulade Cushion, £98

Piling up your picnic rug with cushions to lounge upon sets the scene for those balmy summer evenings - and don’t forget some blankets for when it chills off. Grab your squishiest sofa cushions and cosiest throws from around the house to add a little comfort to your picnic, creating the feel of an outdoor room . Ceraudo's Dolce Dots Roulade Cushion, £98 will add a playful dimension when layered up with gingham and florals.

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Last Minute Must-Haves

Ultra Violette Extreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Body & Hand SKINSCREEN™ 150ml, £27

Now you’ve got your picnic-scape nailed with bold linens and eclectic tableware, it's time to think about must-haves. Come rain or shine, don’t forget to slip a handy tube of SPF in your basket - Ultra Violette’s Extreme Screen, £27 is four hours water and sweat resistant making it perfect for days spent in the park. Other sensible items to consider bringing along? May we suggest Beeswax Wraps, £25 to protect your leftovers and a Kitri Octavia Floral Jumpsuit, £165 will be the most suitably-stylish ensemble for sitting cross-legged all day long.

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