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liberty window displays behind the window botanical


Our Visual Concept Team on bringing the abundant window display to life.
By: Team Liberty

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Behind the Windows


Our Visual Concept Team on bringing the abundant window display to life

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By: Team Liberty

Stretching along Great Marlborough Street, the Liberty windows are famed for their innovative, all-encompassing displays. In this series, our Visual Concept Team unveils the stories behind them - from initial moodboards, to completed masterpiece.

Our Botanicals campaign celebrates plants and flowers in all their guises. Entwined with Liberty history, we trace their roots through art, design and culture, paying tribute to the uplifting colours of flora, essential essences and abundant perfumes that derive from the world of botany. In the windows, this comes to life as a Japanese tea garden, celebrating Japan’s botanical connection through abundant plant-life, ikebana floristry and shibori textiles, hand-dyed with natural pigments...

“For the botanical campaign we took a holistic view on the creative. The summer has been a time of great need for calm and a shift of focus on wellbeing and family.”

“The clean lines of Japanese tea houses and their inner room, where people join for ceremonial and social aesthetic pursuits, felt like a connection to how we are all currently living.”

“Simple and tranquil, we often use the power of plants and flowers to calm us and focus on nature. We wanted to celebrate this with a historical Japanese take on botanical.”

“The frames were then adorned with hand-dyed shibori fabrics. The team have been using lockdown to learn about the natural plant dye process, working in their homes to create stunning colours with all manner of fruit, leaves, spice and flowers.”

“The fabric creates light yet enclosed spaces within the window to focus on the zen-like styling, which includes a nod to the Japanese tea ceremony: ikebana floristry and flower pressing.”

“We designed the build to reflect the clean architecture and used plants and the Japanese art form of ikebana floristry to insert a zen-like quality into the styling and aesthetic.”

“We wanted to acknowledge the healing power of plants, clean environments and beautiful product to surround yourself with calmness.”

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