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Suqqu Makeup Products

Bloom & Glow with Suqqu

The lauded Japanese brand on holistic beauty and its inherent link to nature
By: Sarah Dancer

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By: Sarah Dancer
Bloom & Glow


The lauded Japanese brand on holistic beauty and its inherent link to nature


Introducing the refreshing idea of beauty that blooms from below the surface, SUQQU is a brand dedicated to its Japanese heritage. Based on traditional wellbeing rituals and powered by native plants, the brand’s makeup and skin care works in tandem to comfort the complexion and inspire confidence that shines from within. Here, we uncover the secrets behind the celebrated second-skin radiance that defines the range, and the artistic magic behind its awe-inspiring colour creations…

What inspired the name SUQQU?

SUQQU was established in 2003 in Japan. The name comes from the Japanese term ‘sukku-to’, which translates to ‘posture with attitude’.

What is the SUQQU approach to beauty?

The brand was born backstage in the film industry, where actresses are called for filming – closeup, in motion and from 360-degrees – for lengthy periods throughout the day or night. Such is its heritage, SUQQU takes pride in creating beautiful, real-life, radiant skin, playing with light and shadow to create natural contouring. Our award-winning foundations, exquisite brushes and elegantly-hued colour collections are the key supporting acts, gliding over skin seamlessly whilst hydrating for lasting beauty.

Are your skin care and makeup ranges best used together?

SUQQU combines Japanese skin care and wellbeing rituals. We advise using our skin care as a part of a full regime in order to successfully capture the naturally beautiful, refined look that shapes our vision. Each product is formulated to enhance skin’s natural beauty; whether through colour, skin care, or facial massage.

What’s the story behind the unique shades in your colour range?

Natural beauty in the Japanese landscape and cultural elements such as origami and kimono often serve as inspiration for our colour collection. In such art and nature, juxtaposed colours live harmoniously. Whilst individual shades look striking on their own, we encourage makeup looks orchestrated by different hues combined. Infused with a beautiful sheen, the shades themselves create a three-dimensional effect and, when built-up, layered and blended, they contribute a natural contour to eyes and cheeks.

What are the benefits of facial massage?

GANKIN is a three-minute routine designed to be carried out by you, at home, prior to makeup application. It is a journey that highlights the joy of caring for your skin with your own hands, exploring the relationship between the skin and the muscles. Pushing certain pressure points to remove knots improves lymph flow, flushing away toxins and promoting blood circulation for healthier skin all-round. Carried out twice a day, it creates sharper definition and a firmer skin texture, whilst enhancing radiance and improving the longevity of your makeup look.

What is the star product in the range?

Both foundations in the complexion range: Nude Wear Liquid EX, a light but buildable serum-like-foundation, contains ten plant extracts and oils, enabling it to glide seamlessly onto skin with a natural finish and beautiful sheen. Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation contains hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen, which renew radiance throughout the day – a champion of hydration and firmness.

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