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lunar new year year of the dragon scarves

Lunar New Year: the Best Gifts to Give in the Year of the Drago

Celebrate Lunar New Year with our edit of unique gifts inspired by the charismatic and fortunate Year of the Dragon
By: Maddi John

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Lunar New Year: the Best Gifts to Give in the Year of the Dragon

Lunar New Year: the Best Gifts to Give in the Year of the Dragon

Celebrate Lunar New Year with our edit of unique gifts inspired by the charismatic and fortunate Year of the Dragon

By: Maddi John

The new moon of the lunisolar calendar is almost upon us – 10 February to be exact – and this year we’re readying for the Year of the Dragon. Prepare for honour, luck, and success in the new year, because the Dragon epitomises good fortune and greatness.

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Legend has it that those born in a Year of the Dragon are charismatic, intelligent, confident and powerful. Thought to embrace the larger-than-life motto, Dragons tend to be more flamboyant and exhibit great confidence thanks to their powerful and confident nature, which means they'll be expecting gifts that match their strong personalities – and that exude opulence, of course.

Whether it’s for an elaborate celebration or just a small token of thanks, below we’ve rounded up the best gifts guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of those born in the Year of the Dragon – or just for anyone hoping to borrow a little of the Dragon's good fortune.

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For the Unique

Liberty Year Of The Dragon 45X45 Silk Scarf, £95

Allow your Dragon to celebrate their year with this new Year Of The Dragon silk scarf. Designed in honour of the Lunar New Year, this charming accessory is crafted in soft satin and inspired by the traditional Dragon and Lion dance to bring good fortune and prosperity.

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For the Social Butterfly

KLIMCHI Large Hobnail Jug, £125

While gold and red are auspicious for the Dragon, 2024 will be the year of the Green Wooden Dragon so shades of green are most definitely encouraged. For the bold, party-loving Dragon, a bright home accessory – like this KLIMCHI Large Hobnail Jug – that they can show off proudly in their home, while also representing their animal's colour, is the perfect gift for 2024.


For the Outfit Builder

Liberty Year Of The Dragon 140X140 Modal-Cashmere Scarf, £185

Whether they love to add a wow-factor element to their outfits or are an expert at layering, this luxury cashmere scarf from Liberty is perfect for a versatile dresser. Whether it's draped over your shoulders as an extra stylish layer or wrapped around the waist as a sarong, this Year of the Dragon has numerous wearable options and brings a touch of boldness no matter how you wear it.

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For the Hopeless Romantic

Liberty LBTY. Fragrance Zephirine Eau de Parfum, £225

When it comes to relationships, the Dragon may seem passive but they are usually the ones who give more and gain less thanks to their generous and romantic soul. With this in mind, a sensual perfume they can spritz before date night might be just the gift to treat them to and Liberty's LBTY. Fragrance's Zephirine is just the scent for the job with its notes of ripe figs, velvety rose petals and rich vetiver.


For the Crafty

Liberty Frabrics Prosperity Story Tana Lawn™ Cotton, £27.50

Dragons are known to be skilful crafters thanks to their natural skill and talent paired with their taste for style. Whether they're constructing the dress of dreams or opting for crafty DIY projects, the eccentric Dragon needs a fabric just as artistic and daring as them. Enter Liberty's Lunar New Year fabrics collection – a full collection of elaborate celebratory fabrics honouring the Dragon.

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For the Bold

Jones Road Cool Gloss, £22

The Dragon cannot bear the thought of dullness, so a red lip product, like this Jones Road gloss, is exactly the gift that will meet their fierce requirements. This moisturising gloss (that can be used on the lips or cheeks) is perfect for tucking away in your purse on a night out with friends or a romantic date night.

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For the Beauty Buff

La Bonne Brosse N.05 THE VOLUME AND STYLE Round Emerald Gren Hair Brush, £138

Elevate your Dragon's haircare routine and help them achieve silky smooth perfection with La Bonne Brosse's No.05 Round Hair Brush, a luxury tool that effortlessly combines hair care and styling, whether they're on the go or at home. In emerald green, a colour of wealth and health, your Dragon won't be disappointed.


For the Dream-Chaser

Liberty Ianthe Silk Satin Pyjama Set, £425

What's more relaxing than a pair of pyjamas you can wear all weekend? Spotlighting our iconic Ianthe print, this pair of Liberty pyjamas ensures absolute comfort with its soft and breathable silk sain composition. Prepare for a year of good sleep with this set in hand.

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For the Magpie

Cece Jewellery 18ct Gold Wild Rosebud Ring, £4,160

If they've got a penchant for gem-collecting, we encourage you to gift them this symbolic Wild Rosebud ring from Cece. Part of the brand’s Lucky Star collection – a storied twist on a timeless style – this precious gold band is adorned with three-star set rubies and hand-engraved rosebud motifs as a reminder to embrace love and to be wild and wonderful.

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For the Homebody

Liberty Hazy Days Candle, £52

With the ability to change a mood and evoke beloved memories, a scented candle is precisely what the idealist Dragon will want to see flickering away in their peaceful sanctuary. In these cooler climes, look to a cosy and inviting scent like Liberty’s Hazy Days Scented Candle to warm the heart of their home.


For the Fashion-Savvy

AJE Greta Organza Mini-Dress, £350

For a day of celebrations, this FARM Rio mini-dress is just the dress to be in with its larger-than-life sleeves and vivacious, blooming Red Peony motif. Not only is red a lucky colour in Chinese culture, but its bold, playfulness mirrors the fun festivities of this holiday. A true statement dress perfect for you or a fashion-forward friend to wear.

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For the Accessory Aficionado

Dragon Diffusion Bamboo Triple Jump Big, £390

There's only one brand you should be looking to when buying a bag for the Dragon... you guessed it, Dragon Diffusion (it's quite literally in the name, after all). A timeless gem, this bamboo basket takes a transeasonal approach to the traditional straw basket with a contemporary, woven leather construction – elegant, charming and innovative, just like the Dragon.

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