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libertys guide to superior hosting

Liberty's Guide to Superior Dinner Party Hosting

With everything you need to throw a night to remember, here’s how to become a host with the most, the Liberty way. See you at seven!
By: Charlotte Olby

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Liberty's Guide to Superior Dinner Party Hosting

Liberty's Guide to Superior Dinner Party Hosting

With everything you need to throw a night to remember, here’s how to become a host with the most, the Liberty way. See you at seven!

By: Charlotte Olby

By now you should be well-versed in the art of hosting at home. From an intimate meal for one to garden parties and barbeques served with a side of Liberty-prowess and family fuelled tables inspired by Italian Nonna’s; there’s a lot of unique ways to embrace staying in this summer. But if you're currently stuck in the same formulaic rut (tablecloth, placemat, crockery…) night after night, then you’re missing a trick. A dinner party, historically seen as an upper class flex, has been humbled in post-pandemic times into its purest form: a chance to reconnect with loved ones. So how does one go about planning a superior soiree? Not known for following the rules, here at Liberty we like to teeter on the edge of convention in order to serve up something a little special. Take note: here’s how to make a dinner party for your loved ones all the more memorable…

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How to Make a Dinner Party Special

1. Send an Invite

Even if it's the most casual of get-togethers, make the anticipation of a night at yours even sweeter by sending an invitation. Try your hand at designing your own paperless invite to text out to your friends, or go all-out with the real deal. This will set the tone for the entire event, and you can even carry the theme throughout with menus on the table and place settings for each guest.

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2. Take a Seat

Speaking of place settings, sometimes the smallest of touches delight the most. Maybe it's a handwritten note, a tailor-made joke or simply a place card in a cute holder to assign everyone their seat. This helps avoid any confusion when guests are filing into the dining room, and means you can strategically pair people together to encourage conversation and spark new friendships - or keep them apart!

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3. Something to Remember

Why did we decide party bags must end at childhood? Let’s fix that. While of course this requires a little more forward planning and a little more budget, there couldn’t be anything sweeter than sitting down to dinner to find a thoughtful gift upon your seat. This could be as simple as a miniature candle or beauty item you know they’ve been dying to try. Or may we suggest Quail's delightfully quirky animal salt and pepper shakers for those guests who we all know would much rather be at home with their pet...

4. Go the Extra Mile

The ultimate comfort of a dinner party is that everyone knows the intention will be backdropped by a central activity: eating dinner. If you’re getting bored of the same meals and fancy something a little more adventurous, why not take your guests to the Mediterranean for dinner? Think of your plate as your window to the world and select a far flung destination of your choosing to inspire a theme for your party. Will you be staying close to home with a truly British tea party or dining out on the wonders of the world - all from the comfort of your own home.

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5. Think Within Reach

Put yourself in your guest's shoes – or rather, their chair. Try and see your table through the eyes of your guests first: what smells will greet them as they enter your home, the lighting, are the salt and pepper pots within reach, and do they have a place to put their glass down? Make sure there is nothing that they have to knock over in order to reach your carefully prepared serving plates. And most importantly, ensure that any elaborate centerpieces aren’t blocking their eyeline to other guests if you’re keen to keep conversation flowing effortlessly.

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6. Get in the Groove

Set the mood with music and lighting to enhance your menu. Ambiance is important, you want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed. Turn the overhead lights off and light candles all around the room at various heights to provide favourable lighting for all. Music can also make or break the night so be sure to queue up a playlist that curates the perfect party mood.

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Looking for More Entertaining Ideas? Try These:

Book Club

Outdo your fellow book clubbers with a literary night to remember. Set the scene with a Liberty Ianthe Scented Candle gently burning in the background and pile your sofas and armchairs with extra blankets. Before delving into page one, there’s a final touch to consider: the most delicious of nibbles for those in-between chapter breaks. Picking chocolates and savoury treats from our luxurious food hall will make your night one for the books.

Craft Evening

Crafting is addictive, the kind of thing that’s engrossing from the get-go, so it’s quite possible that once you start making, the food and drink might slip your mind. The solution: a grazing table of no-fuss nibbles and refreshments that everyone can help themselves to whenever they down pins. The secret to a ‘no-fuss’ spread for sewing bees is avoiding anything that’ll leave your fingers greasy - is there anything worse for a crafter than staining your lovingly made creation?

Pyjama Party

To elevate your pyjama party to peak relaxation, the first thing to assert the dress code: your finest, dreamiest pair of pyjamas. Liberty’s nightgowns robes and two-pieces are supremely luxurious, if we do say so ourselves - the kind you and your guests won’t be able to wait to climb into. Equally important is the entertainment. Enjoy a movie slumber-party-style with mugs of steaming hot chocolate and bowls filled to the brim with the tastiest of treats.

Pamper Evening

Kick off the TLC by handing out scrunchies for tying their hair back in preparation for an array face masks, creams and serums from a selection of Liberty's most coveted skincare brands. Give your guests the full spa treatment at home by providing them with a sumptuous Liberty Ocean Deep Silk Satin Eye Mask, a flute of something bubbly and burn Liberty’s award-winning Hera candle to inspire complete tranquillity. ...Liberty Says Relax.

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