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What to Wear, Whatever Your Workout

Tailor your outfit to your workout with Liberty’s definitive guide to the latest fitness trends
By: Maddi John

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What to Wear, Whatever Your Workout

What to Wear, Whatever Your Workout

Tailor your outfit to your workout with Liberty’s definitive guide to the latest fitness trends

By: Maddi John

While weekends usually call for lazy Sunday snoozes, this month, we’re all about working up a Sunday sweat, with plenty of new exercise trends to inspire. Guarantee your workout wardrobe is as motivating as your 2023 vision board with our guide on how to wear leggings, no matter which of the latest trending workouts you plan to try.

Workout Stacking

You’ve heard of jewellery stacking but what about workout stacking? The next big thing in wellness, instead of one long workout session, it involves a series of mini exercises carried out in bite-sized chunks. For instance, you might do 10-minute sessions of yoga, running and then weight training – whatever suits your fancy.

Versatility is key if you’re going to mix and match your workouts, so opt for leggings with good flexibility. We suggest the Liberty Betsy Panel Leggings, £95, for optimum stretch and a standout design that calls for compliments, particularly when paired with the coordinating Betsy Crop Top, £65, which enables movement and flexibility, whether it be worn for yoga, walking or strength-conditioning. If you’re bearing the cold with a run, don’t forget the matching Betsy Windbreaker, £195.

Liberty Betsy Windbreaker, £195
Liberty Betsy Crop Top, £65
Liberty Betsy Panel Leggings, £95

The Pilates Pursuit

Gentle and restorative, pilates is a low-impact exercise loved worldwide and while it’s no new fad, it’s become popular enough to feature on this year's fitness forecast as one of the most favoured workouts going. Matching gym sets are the way to go when dressing for pilates as they allow optimum movement on a reformer, while ensuring you look effortlessly stylish when heading out for a post-class coffee.

Flowy, baggy clothes will not do – pilates is all about form and lines after all – so stick to pieces where form meets function, like the Liberty Alpine Crop Top, £65, and the coordinating Alpine Leggings, £95. Once you've got a throw-on-and-go sweater that oozes style and comfort, say Marant Étoile’s Kelaya Sweater, £295, finish your outfit with a larger-than-life bag that can store your grip socks, waterbottle and travel mug, like the A.P.C. Ninon Vegan Leather Tote Bag, £200. And just like that you're all set for a workout of the mind, body and soul.

Marant Étoile’s Kelaya Sweater, £295
Liberty Alpine Leggings, £95
A.P.C. Ninon Vegan Leather Tote Bag, £200

Walk Yourself Fit

The 10,000-step challenge? This year, we’re upping the ante. Treadmill walking isn’t exactly revolutionary, but the viral 12-3-30 challenge has put a unique spin on the traditional exercise. It involves 30 minutes of treadmill walking, at a steep 12% incline, with your speed fixed at 3 miles per hour (about 5 km per hour).

Due to the low-impact nature of walking, you can afford to opt for comfort over support so a vest or tank like AGOLDE Poppy Scoop-Neck Tank Top, £80, is ideal, with its soft ribbing and lack of restriction. As for leggings the more colourful the better. Liberty’s Besty Leggings, £95, are an ideal pair in a bright colourway and comfortable fit. Finally, keep the sweat out of your hair with Slip’s Skinny Silk Scrunchies, £39; they’re gentle enough to preserve your hair health and avoid post-gym creases.

AGOLDE Poppy Scoop-Neck Tank Top, £80
Liberty Besty Leggings, £95
Slip Skinny Silk Scrunchies, £39

The 75-Soft Challenge

Quick fixes are out, long term health is in which is precisely why the 75-hard won’t be lasting long. For those who haven’t heard, the 75-hard challenge is a strict programme involving 75 days of quitting alcohol, exercising for 45 minutes twice a day and drinking a gallon of water to promote ‘mental toughness’. Instead, we’re advocates of the 75-soft challenge, which recommends:

• Eating well and only drinking on social occasions
• Working out for 45 minutes a day for 75 days, with one recovery/rest day a week. You can walk, do yoga, go to the gym - whatever you prefer
• Drinking three litres of water a day
• Reading 10 pages of any book a day

As an ongoing exercise, your wardrobe requirements will vary, but as a guideline, we suggest opting for everyday leggings sporting a comfortable composition and fit, like the Totême Zip Leggings, £140; you can wear them at home while reading and recovering or while on the go. Next opt for something cosy like Acne Studios’ Fleece Sweatshirt, £490. Pair with a colourful tote – Isabel Marant’s Yenky Logo-Embroidered Tote Bag, £150, is roomy but chic – to house your self-care essentials. And if you’re in need of a new read, head to Liberty’s Book Shop on the third floor.

Acne Studios Fleece Sweatshirt, £490
Totême Zip Leggings, £140
Isabel Marant’s Yenky Logo-Embroidered Tote Bag, £150

Dance the Day Away

What better way to shake off winter lethargy than by dancing it out in the comfort of your own home? Fun in nature and offering excellent cardio endurance, it'll come as no surprise that aerobic classes, like Zumba and jazzercise, are back on the trend board for fitness enthusiasts this year.

Zumba is all about movement, so the last thing you’ll want is a restrictive outfit. Opt for Liberty’s Besty Leggings, £95, to inject a colourful bout of motivation into your outfit and ensure you’ve got enough stretch to shake it out. Then pair with a loose, but playful t-shirt. Our suggestion? Ganni’s Happy Face Relaxed T-Shirt, £85 is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Support is key for this exercise, so ensure you’re wearing a high-impact sports bra beneath your t-shirt and as for post-workout care, have a towel and water bottle (Chily's Summer Sprigs Water Bottle, £36to be exact) at the ready.

Ganni’s Happy Face Relaxed T-Shirt, £85
Liberty Besty Leggings, £95
Chilly's Summer Sprigs Series 2 Water Bottle, £36

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