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Tips for Dark Skin Tones

By: Kate Przybyla

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By: Kate Przybyla
Tips for Dark Skin Tones
The Skin Regime

Tips for Dark Skin Tones

A Complexion Company founder Nomshado Michelle Baca shares her targeted regime to care for darker skin tones

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From hydration levels to sensitivities, when it comes to tailoring our beauty regime, our skin tone dictates a long list of under-the-surface considerations. With a wealth of beauty industry experience, and the intrinsic understanding that darker skin tones need a specialised approach, A Complexion Company founder, Nomshado Michelle Baca, shares her targeted skin routine, thinking holistically to soothe, balance and regulate, daily.


“I love makeup and spent some time as a makeup artist, so having a cleanser that removes makeup well, while caring for my skin, is very important. The Eve Lom Cleanser melts away make up with ease and leaves my skin fresh but not stripped. The eucalyptus scent reminds me of a body cream I used during my childhood in Zimbabwe and the hot cloth is great relief for tired eyes. I dry my face with the Resorè Face Towels which are the most chic and softest face towels in the market.”

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Omorovicza Silver Skin Tonic has niacinamide which is a fantastic ingredient for acne-prone darker skin that is sensitive. I love the fact that I can exfoliate, treat and tone my skin at the same time, and I adore that they draw a similar inspiration from tradition.”

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Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré reminds me of the many hours of leisure time I spent in French, Swiss and German pharmacies five years ago, when my work would often have me travelling across Europe. It is a moisturiser I can trust to maintain balanced moisture levels when I am not doing any treatments. Sisley Black Rose Cream is a favourite when cabin air and changes in climate require an intensive cream that isn’t greasy.”

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“I learnt that if your think your skin is oily, it is probably dehydrated. When my skin is appearing oilier than usual, I increase the hydration with Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask. Rosewater and rose oil are known to target hyperpigmentation and this mask is a standout treatment for my skin.”

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A Complexion Company Organic African Wellness Superpowder represents how African's approach remedial medicine - we eat and drink it. I drink my green latte once in the morning and once in the evening; having a drink that is providing essential nutrients for my body to function optimally has been key to eliminating acne and reducing scaring. It is skin food! I improve the function of any skin product I use topically by having a good strong nutritional foundation.”

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“I have been having electro-current facials for a few years now and I find that two days later an appointment, my skin is both toned and smooth. During lockdown, I invested in the ZIIP GX Facial Kit and I haven't looked back. Scent is the most important part of my day as I change mood and modes, from entrepreneur to 'h-enjoyment'. I was introduced to Frèdèric Malle early in my career working at Ralph Lauren. Portrait of a Lady makes me feel powerful and bold. When it is time to leave work and create magical moments to remember, The Night by Frèdèric Malle is the perfect accompaniment.”

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