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Cosy living room with striped cushions

How to Transform Your Living Room into a Sanctuary

What if coming home felt as good as checking into a luxury spa? Use these relaxing living room ideas to create your very own home retreat
By: Maddi John

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How to Transform Your Living Room into a Sanctuary

How to Transform Your Living Room into a Sanctuary

What if coming home felt as good as checking into a luxury spa? Use these relaxing living room ideas to create your very own home retreat

By: Maddi John

The living room is the centre of your home. The place we all gravitate to when we need to switch off and let the worries of everyday life melt away. This is why we recommend turning your living room into your very own at-home sanctuary. Whether you commute to work or spend your weekdays WFH, everyone needs a break, and if you you're struggling to find time to escape on a weekend break – a home haven used solely for resting and restoring might just be the remedy for you. So sit back, relax and discover our ideas to turn your living room into a home sanctuary...

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Prioritise Comfort Above All

Comfort is key when converting your living room into a home sanctuary. The cosier the better, think snuggly blankets, soft rugs, plush cushions and anything else that makes you feel like you’re cocooned in softness. Just like you would when dressing yourself, embrace a variety of textures and layers when dressing your sofa and decide if you want to mix prints and patterns, or stick to a colour palette. Even the most basic sofa can be elevated with a curation of cushions as they’ll make your sofa look all the more inviting to sink into while adding visual interest and depth.

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HAY & Susie Bellamy

If you’re worried about overloading your sofa, consider a blanket basket that matches your aesthetic – wicker baskets are great for adding a scandi-chic touch to your sanctuary. If you prefer a soft cashmere blanket that you can snuggle up in, FuturLiberty's Shadow Stripe Throw, is just the throw for you. Alternatively, for those who prefer a heavier throw, Brita Sweden's and Cushendale's throws will infuse your space with a burst of bright colour while keeping you warm with their heavy blends.

FuturLiberty & Cushendale

Create an Inviting Ambience

Once you’re happy with the level of comfort in your living room, it’s time to turn to the ambience, aka the vibe you want to embrace in your room and how it makes you feel. Lighting is key here. Above all, avoid harsh overhead bulbs and fluorescent lighting. The trick is to opt for warm hues and soft lighting that blankets your sanctuary in a golden glow that’s not too intense, should you want to get some shut-eye. Dimmable lighting and side-table lamps will come in handy.

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Field Kit & Louise Roe Copehagen

Not only is the look of your room important, but the smell of it plays a vital role in enhancing your mood. With the transformative power to move you, home fragrance really does set the tone for your room, so first things first, decide what mood you want to set. For a spa-like, tranquil effect, opt for a bright herbaceous essential oil or incense sticks that make your shoulders instantly drop. If you would prefer a more cosy, toasty feel to your room, look to scented candles that possess richer, woody scents, like Liberty's Ianthe Candle, £52, which contains notes of iris, birch wood and amber musk.

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Bring the Outside In

It may not be the same as taking a stroll through a forest, but bringing plants into your home will most definitely help in creating your zen-like zone. The restorative power of plants improves your overall health (both physical and mental) providing you with clearer air and a clearer mind for when it’s time to unwind. And don’t forget, plants require a suitable home to nestle in too, so don’t forget to pick up a vase or two that corresponds with your room’s colour palette.

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HAY & Vaisselle

Declutter and Deep-Clean

We’ve all heard the age-old saying that a tidy space = a tidy mind. And it’s true – no one wants to come home after a long day to scattered belongings and last night’s dishes stacking up. And while a clean space will elevate your relaxation time, please don’t think we’re suggesting you clean up every time you want to relax, but it’s good to get into the habit of quickly tidying your space early in the morning so you don’t come home feeling overwhelmed.

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To help keep your home sanctuary tidy, opt for suitable storage options that don’t take away from the aesthetic of your style. HAY's storage crates and Anna + Nina's Large beaded boxes are both practical for storing belongings while adding a playful touch of colour to your space.

Add a Special Touch

To add special touches to your den, consider what it is that helps you relax. Perhaps it’s watching feel-good movies or a nail-biting TV series that helps you escape. If that’s the case, convert your den into a DIY home theatre with black-out curtains, a build-your-own hot chocolate bar and a snack drawer. Prefer to curl up and get lost in a good book? Consider creating your very own reading nook with an armchair in a cosy corner and a nifty bookshelf. For some, relaxation is best spent with others, so for those who prefer to spend your downtime having your friends over, may we suggest setting up a home bar and getting a couple of board games to keep tucked away for a competitive games night.

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Soho Home & Susie Bellamy

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