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How to Scent Your Home to Boost the Mood

Picking a fragrance for your home is just as personal as picking your favourite perfume. Let Liberty guide you towards the perfect candle to suit your vibe
By: Charlotte Olby

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Good Scents: How to Scent Your Home to Boost the Mood

Good Scents: How to Scent Your Home to Boost the Mood

Picking a fragrance for your home is just as personal as picking your favourite perfume. Let Liberty guide you towards the perfect candle to suit your vibe

By: Charlotte Olby

You’ve spent hours choosing the most calming colour scheme, perfected the art of ambient light and set about enveloping your relaxation spaces in serenity with endless cushions and throws – but might you have forgotten the most mood-impacting cherry on top? If your goal for January is to become more mindful (even if momentarily), nothing can assist with encouraging a little dedicated breathing space than the act of lighting a scented candle.

Home fragrance tells a story, helping to create an atmosphere and working hard to give each space its own personality. By making your scent selection with intention, you can work to alter and affect the overall vibe of your home.

Our senses have powerful effects on our brains – and perhaps none more so than smell. The answer to finding the perfect scent for your home depends on what feeling you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking to inject energy or instil a sense of calm after a long day? Perhaps you’re wanting to cover up cooking odours before a party, or are simply setting the scene for a cosy evening on the sofa? Creating an olfactory journey throughout your home will keep you and your family (and any visiting guests) on your desired sensory path, so it’s important to take the time to discover the most in-tune scent profiles for each room. Here’s our one-stop guide to finding the most mood-boosting scent for every corner of your home…

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For Relaxing…

After a long week, all you want to do is drape over the sofa and settle into a Netflix night at home. But it’s important not to overwhelm the room with a strong scent and to pick the perfect cuddling-companion with a light and clean fragrance. So earthy, muted and warm fragrances that feel slightly woody like vanilla, cedarwood and sandalwood are ideal here to set the mood for unwinding – either by oneself or with your entire family.

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For Energising…

In need of a pick-me-up or struggling with WFH? Energising scents like eucalyptus (which can help you to focus) or peppermint (which will make you instantly feel more alert) are the perfect duo to drag you out of a mid-afternoon slump. While the vivacious smell of bergamot can help to uplift and refresh, clarify the mind and naturally energise the room, if you’re looking to create an aura for concentration, consider switching up your scents throughout the day. By lighting different fragrances you help to indicate a change in activity, and therefore a change in your mood and mind. See it as the candle version of a palette cleanser.

For De-Stressing…

When your shoulders are tight with tension, we all know there’s nothing better than some self-care to help you unwind. In aromatherapy, floral scents are associated with joy, so if you’re feeling stressed or anxious, a floral fragrance might just be able to help. Thought to be able to reduce your heart rate, lavender, chamomile, rose or jasmine are all great choices for a room fragrance to encourage a good night’s sleep – making them perfect for lighting during bath-time or during your skincare hour (or ten minutes). For those days when you need to melt away a bad mood, light a herbaceous scent before sinking in for a long soak in the tub and take a moment to breathe in the knowledge that a little me-time is the perfect remedy.

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For Getting in the Mood…

In the bedroom, there’s nothing better than a lit candle to double up as soft mood lighting. And while you’re now well-versed in the best scents for relaxation prior to bedtime, if you’re looking to add a little romance to at-home date nights you might want to consider a candle with more sensual top notes to ignite some passion. Certain smells are known to have aphrodisiac properties including ylang-ylang, jasmine, and patchouli. Naturally mood enhancing, patchouli is renowned for its ability to ground and balance with a sweet, yet naturally musky aroma, evocative of a dewy forest floor. And while we can’t guarantee that a whiff of ylang-ylang will lead to ever-lasting love, there’s no harm in giving it a try…

For Uplifting…

In addition to the scents mentioned, other mood-boosting scents can help to lift your spirits. Perfect purifiers for the air, for days when you aren’t filling the kitchen with the warm scent of baked goods, look to a fresh, citrus scent. Unlike other fruity or floral fragrances, citrus scents like lemon, lime and grapefruit won’t clash with food aromas and are great for hosting a dinner party. On the other hand, neroli, from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, will help to brighten your mind and leave you feeling energised – making it perfect for the preparing host. This cheerful scent has a fresh, honeyed aroma and is often used as an uplifting top note. Did somebody say ‘kitchen dance party’?

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For those seeking relaxation outside the home, head to Liberty's fourth floor where you'll stumble upon The Mood Room – a space dedicated to helping you revive, rest, and reset, offering everything from relaxing beauty treatments and sessions with modern wellness gurus to aura readings and curated Spotify playlists designed to soothe you.

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